Welding riveted wheels

Has anyone ever welded the rivets on the inside of the styled steel wheels before they came loose? Is that a good idea? Also, I’ve read they’re prone to cracking, if so, where? Around the rivets? Thanks in advance,

This is an original 1967-68 steel style with only one uncracked flange seen in circle.
As for welding on a wheel, i wouldn’t do it unless it is for a museum or demolition derby car. I personally have never seen loose rivets, only cracking. Use it for a garden hose hanger.


Thanks for the heads up…. When I knew where to look, I found cracks! Dammit…. Better to find out now!!

Well, I’m tired of tired tires! Since a couple of my original styled steel wheels are not trustworthy, I have decided to use the set off my parts car to as rollers while other work progresses. Murphys law strikes and these tires are 25 plus years old and don’t hold air anymore! It’s next to impossible to find any 14 inch tires just to mount to roll around. Now the question is, has anyone mounted the BFG radial t/a 225-70/14 on a 14x7 wheel and did they rub,hit look goofy? My research shows them to be almost identical in size to the F70-14.