West Coast Classic Cougar...

I just wanted to thank Don and his crew for spectacular assistance. Richard and Scott have been great and helpful in resolving a few recent issues.
Don’s video how-to’s have been great too. I try and not only do business with, but recommend to others. They are much more helpful and have knowledge of the vehicles and products. The big box stores just don’t care and have the disposition that there’s an ass for every seat. In my industry, that’s true. Not true for hobbyist of our inkling.

I have ordered parts from many different outlets and i would have to say WCCC is the best of the Cougar specific sellers,
and up there with any other seller .
On occassion bought a slighly higher priced item for the confidence of knowing it will arrive suprisingly quickly all the way to NZ !
I have probably given him $7-8k over the last 12 months .

Good on Don and his team :hugs:

And let’s not forget their awesome YouTube channel! Don is a delight to watch for his skill, experience and sense of humor. https://www.youtube.com/user/WestCoastClassicCoug

Yep. I now go first to see if WCCC has a video targeting any job I’m about to tackle. I taught for a living and briefed in industry, and Don is one of the better presenters I’ve seen, by the way.

WCCC has talked me out of a few parts I didn’t need. It helps that they are nuts like us.

They have some of the hard to find parts and repro’s that help keep the gen 1 Cougars going. I was especially pleased with the look of a pair of C-pillar emblems for a 70 XR7 I used…

Wish we had an outlet on the East coast…

The best service and more importantly the behind the scenes work is top notch.

I have had a couple small issues with orders in the past or expectations of quality of parts arriving being less then I was expecting. I even had an issue with a dash pad separating after installation. Don personally handled talking to the vendor that makes the part and getting it replaced without hassle. All it takes is a simple phone call or email to discuss and they always resolve the issue right away.

Customer service is top notch, things happen and no one is perfect so it’s all in the service provided before and after the sale that matters. Not to mention those guys put a lot of time and effort into videos, articles and posting information on their sites all for free! The guys at wccc are cougar nuts like the rest of us and want to help see every possible cougar back on the road!

We really appreciate the kind words! It acts as fuel to encourage us to keep the pace up into our fast approaching 31st year in business. Every season in a business life presents its own challenges and finding competent, experienced folks to fill the shoes of those that have recently retired or moved on has been a real challenge. At this time last year 13 people worked here and now we are down to 9. Recently we have sadly seen Bill Herndon (Pony Warehouse) and Tony Branda pass away. Dallas Mustang has recently closed and the future of Mustangs Unlimited is uncertain. This does nothing but increase the demands on our small staff. It still surprises me when 67-73 Mustang owners tell us they come to us first for their needs and then go elsewhere to complete their Mustang only application parts needs. That is kind of humbling… And no, we will never expand into the full line Mustang parts, we will always be the Cougar only store where you will NEVER accidentally be sold a Mustang part that does not fit!

First that I have heard of this. It must have been quite recent. Any idea what happened? I know that it was not old age.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95


Thanks Carlton.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I was not aware of it either. I had numerous occasions to talk to him. He was a great guy and an asset to the Ford community. He will be missed.

There are just a handful of guys in this country that have lived and breathed these cars since age 15 and they can never be replaced because the opportunity for any one guy to buy sell, scrap and restore several hundred of the same make and model can not be relived or duplicated. Bill was a straight shooter, if you bought something over the phone from him there was never any disappointments when it came. My hope is his wife can get top dollar out of his holdings and that folks will be over the top fair with her.