What are the torque specs for lug nuts

Just as the title says. Want to know the torque specs. Going to follow them from here on out so I don’t warp or damage anything.

I believe that Mustangs, Cougars, and Thunderbirds are 100 ft. lbs. if you’re using unilug or washer-style lug nuts. Otherwise, 85 ft. lbs. is sufficient.

Pictures Mike, we need pictures!

errrr… i’ll second that Mike :thumbup:

Thanks for the numbers. Will post pics in the other thread once I get them on. No time today, was too busy setting 4 big 1/4 round pieces of glass today that weighed about 400 pounds each. On top of that, they were 50 feet off the ground. Setting more glass, just as heavy, tomorrow as well, but once I get home I will get right on it.

I will say that they arrived in good condition and look awesome. 11 inches of rubber in the back is going to look awesome.

I knew a girl like that once, but I digress… :buck:

But what I really wanted to say was that, yes, it does! I love my 285/40’s, they are just under 11 :beer:

How do you handle glass like that without braking it?

Big suctions cups?

3 8" suction cups to be exact, and very carefully. It was not an easy job I assure you. Took 8 hours with 4 men to take the old out and put the new in and seal it all up.

I’m the one in red, managing the whole show on the lift.

Man that picture makes me think of tuckpointing. Lol

Not sure what that is, only thing I can figure out is some sort of brick work thlng?

I feel like an IDIOT! just yesterday was working on my carburator and went to take her for a spin to see how she runs. fixed my carburator issue that I was having but had a new problem. A click or minor thump coming from my drivers front side of the car at a constant tempo. pulled over and my wheel was a little loose! At first I thought someone tried to steal my wheels and couln’t get past my wheel locks and decided to spin the lugs back on so it looked like no one messed with them. But I went to see how tight my locks were with the key and sure enough they were loose too. DUH!!! Make sure to check the lugs after about 25 miles. What a rookie move of me! :wall: