What In The World

This kinda reminds me of a Jaguar a friend restored a while back. He said he ended up basically rolling a new car under the shift knob…


That’s not a bad shell of a car, definitely a big project. Hopefully someone jumps on it.

When my tenant first approached me about buying their cougar. My was response was no.

But when I started doing some more research and seeing a ad like that. It was a no brainer.

All comes down to the condition of the frame. My guess is if the frame is solid and you show up with $500 and a trailer you have a project… a BIG project.

If the frame rails are toast. . Run

The work on that car doesn’t begin to compare with rust belt cars.

I’m old enough to remember when a car in that condition would never, ever be considered a restoration project. Well, maybe ,if it was your first… serious date car! Heck, I bet Don has cut up better cars than that! :laughing:

I know he has.

It’s kinda appropriate the pix is in front of Harbor Freight.