What is a Break Light?

People over on the many Cougar pages on that disaster called Fakebook are having trouble with their break lights.

I used one of those new fangled on-line search engines to search through the 67 to 70 manuals and couldn’t find a break light anywhere?

Has anyone been able to find a break light on their Cougar?

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Along those lines I’ve been having trouble getting my scare conditioning serviced - something about hour twelve fluid ?

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I had one; but it broke.

It depends on whether it has a Manuel transmission.

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Tells you when to rest from work for a few minutes.

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I can say a 69 Dodge Charger definitely had a break-light. In one episode, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coaltrain used his batton to point out to Beau and Luke a problem with The General Lee’s tail light. Roscoe then proceeded to write them a ticket. So, you wanna be careful with those break-lights, they can be fragile and put you at risk for a citation.

Break light: recent phenomenon mostly cited among users of social media.
Also see: break peddle

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It is what happens when your brake lights dont work and your hit from behind :kissing_smiling_eyes:

It’s one of those gizmo’s in them self driving Teslers to let you know you can nap

Your? you’re? LOL we all do it.