What is this called? And how hard is it to remove?

Hey all.
We think a wires off and need to see if we can fix it. We feel two screws near the windshield. But wanted to see if we could get any info from anyone who took one off before.

And what is this called???

Sorry. Uploaded from my phone and the forum rotated it.

Before you take this down, why do you think a wire is loose?

The park brake light was on all the time. Then my son tapped it a few times (like they do in the movies when the fuel gauge on an airplane is off) and it went off.

He tapped it again. Went on.

Then again… and it’s off for good.

Remove the screws in the front. Then there a couple of clips that hold it on, they are like the clips on door panels. You carefully pry it loose.

I’ve had mine out a few times for different reasons.

It comes out easy. Getting the screws to line back up with the holes when installing it back is the tricky part.

Don’t laugh…But I never have a helper. I held a mini flashlight in my mouth so I could use both hands to hold it up in place, and use an ice pic to realign the holes and then get one of the screws started.

I just call it the overhead console.

Great. Thanks!

It sounds like you probably have two problems, the lose wire or loose bulb, and the parking brake light switch itself. The parking brake light switch is attached to the parking brake actuating mechanism. It is pretty hard to get to under the dash. The most common problem I have found when the light stays on is that the switch is either bent up or it has rotated away from the little nub that opens the switch to turn off the light.

This thread has some pictures of the switch or at least a similar one. https://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/made-a-parking-brake-warning-today/8697/1

It’s called overhead console. I think that is the first safety sticker I’ve ever seen attached to a console. I’d leave it in place if you can. I wonder if that sticker is even reproduced for concourse restorations.

Cool. Thank you both.
This is our project for the weekend (hopefully it’s not a BIG project)

Okay. We changed the lights… but the park brake light stays on still.
We checked for any wires coming from the park brake lever under the steering wheel… but there were no electrical wires.
How does the park brake light know the park brake is engaged?

You should see a round cannister looking piece attached to the park brake assembly. It would be near the end close to the firewall. It is about 1/2" in diameter and about an 1" long. Maybe a little longer. It has been a while since I was looking at one of them.

Randy Goodling
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I see nothing…

I think this is what you are looking for


Thanks. So. Am I missing this part?
Is there any visuals as to where it goes? Where the wiring connects?

According to the part description, it was on XR7s and an option on Standard models. I am wondering if a previous owner wired the light to something else if your car doesn’t have the switch. You’d have to start at the light and try to trace the wiring back. Or maybe someone took the switch off and stuffed it up under the dash somewhere. There is probably a hole in the shaft the parking brake rod is in. When the rod is pulled to set the brake either a thicker part of the rod arrives at the hole and pushes the switches actuator up or the switch is normally made and when the rod is pulled the actuator drops into the hole releasing the switch. Depends whether it is a normally closed or normally open switch.

Yes ssava that is the part and it does appear that you are missing it. It would be back in the area of the round wheel that the cable runs over.

Randy Goodling
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Thanks. Would anyone have a video or images to show how it looks properly installed?

This listing even has pics of how it is to be wired:

Thanks. Just checking. Has no one else had to do this before?
Just want to see if there’s any advise.