What is this switch for?

Any idea what this silver knob between the brake release and parking break is for? It only turns one way.

Not sure if it’s stock or something else?

Mmmmm something else.

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Not ‘stock’. Maybe a dimmer control knob for some add-on lights somewhere ?
Maybe a fader control for rear / front speaker balance ? You are probably going to have to trace some wires to find out what mystery part was intended to be controlled with this knob.

Umm… isn’t that the headlight switch? Pull out one notch for the park lights, two for headlights. Turn the knob to dim the dash lights, turn past the detent for the interior light.

He’s talking about the silver thing at the bottom of the valance / console

Not the head light switch.

More close up pics. Plus pics behind the panel would help

It’s not stock I think

It looks like a rotating switch for a house lamp.

I agree on what it looks like. I cannot figure it out, but also haven’t spent to much time tracing the wires. Having to much fun cruising around this time of year.!!!

That engages the cloaking device…

It’s definitely a PO addition. My guess is it energizes the Cone of Silence over the back seat driver.