What’s it worth? 69 XR7 Convertible 390 / 4 Speed

Hi all. A friend of mine knows I’m into Cougars and showed me his 69 XR7 convertible project car he’s owned for years, more like decades. He brought it from CA to NC. It’s a 390 4 speed car that needs a total restoration. Originally black / black with a white top. Body seems solid except the rear floor pans from water getting in. Deck lid is off a 67-68 but all the other body panels are usable. The battery tray is crumpled so I assume it was in a slight accident at some point in its life. The motor, 4 speed (including shifter) and traction lock rear are all in place. The door tag was hit with a sander in a repaint so I have to order a marti report to get the details. Unfortunately the car is missing most of its chrome and trim, and the interior is rough. The car was / is equipped with PS, PDB, console, power windows, and AM/FM stereo, which is actually still in place. The car is supposedly #’s matching.

My friend has always planned to restore it, but understands it’s a big project and he has many ahead of it. I have some spares from my current project and could probably help make this car more complete and then decide what to do with it. When I think of valuing a project, I think of what needs to be done, what it’s missing, and try to figure out a price. If this were a Windsor car, I would say part it out, but given the big block 4 speed and a nice color combo, it would seem to be worth restoring. My guess on value is $5k as it sits, or more like $8-$10k if it was complete with the trim. The car needs a lot of work, you’re not driving this one home.

Does it have the original air cleaner, carburetor, distributor, exhaust manifolds, and exhaust heat shield? Additionally, factory installed radiator, radiator fan and clutch, and 80B power steering pulley on pump? All of these date correct parts, depending upon condition, would add up to over $3500.

The air cleaner, heat shield, radiator, and carb are missing. Appears to have the other (less valuable) items.

Rocker rust is the biggest concern but given that you have more in parts than $5500. If the rockers are solid I am thinking about $8k

Marti report attached. 390 / 4 speed / 3.25TL. All the options are there but it looks like someone added the power windows back in the day.

That is a very well optioned Cougar with a desirable paint color.

  • Phillip