What’s up everyone?

Long time, no see. I see lots of familiar user names around from the old MC.net lol.

To anyone new, hi!

I’m Steve. I have a 1969 Cougar Sport Special. It was my first car, and I’ve owned it for almost 25 years now. Was a 351W, (H code) and now has a 428. It runs, and it’ll drive but I just got it running recently so it’s far from dialed in.

So, wassup peeps?


I forgot to post the car. Jeez.


Hay Steve, long time no see, Happy your back.

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Hey Steve. Good to see you’re still kicking.

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Hey Steve, welcome!

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Hi Scott!

Great to see you Steve!!! Hope your doing good…

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Hey Steve, been quite a while. Hope all has been well for you. Good to see you again.

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