What Vinyl Dye Spray is a the best?


i am in need for the best Dye Spray to make some small repairs on my Cougar Interiors.

Looking for recommendations.

These colors i need to match:
68 XR7 black and saddle.

Thank you

SEM Color coat in Landu Black for the black areas. The Saddle areas may take a custom mixed die. should be your best match. I would also recommend doing the full panel and not spot type touch ups.

I typically get my SEM dyes through National Parts Depot. However they’ve been out of almost every color except black for over a year. Supply chain issues…

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Thank you guys.

I fear i am not able to mix these saddle color.

What’s about VHT?

My local automotive paint store - English Color - will mix any shade in either Mar Hyde or SEM brands. Both are good.

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BTW National Parts Depot and WCCC both carry pre - mixed spray bombs of SEM brand. Not sure if either of them ships overseas.

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I have had very good results with LVP Colorbond. Their Charcoal Black is an exact match for the padded console. I used one of their tan colors to change my white XR7 seats to tan. Looks great. (Front seats are aftermarket–not sprayed). Easy to use if you follow the instructions and the leather/vinyl is clean. Summit Racing has a good selection of colors.
P1020146 (Small)
P1020147 (Small)
P1020149 (Small)

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