What was the last San Jose production date?

Hi there. New to these forums and been wondering if anyone knows what the last San Jose production date was? I’m restoring my 69 428 R code XR7. She was built on November 22nd, 18 days behind schedule. Wondering how close she was to the last.

That is close to it. What is the VIN?


Welcome. Sounds like a neat car: share some pics when you get a chance.

Pic from May when I picked her up. Been doing tons since. Will post current soon.

On the 428CJ registry, we do have several cars made after yours. Your VIN#506179 is listed as 04L - or November 4th. The last 428CJ San Jose Vin # I have on the registry is 507548, with a date of 19L, so about 2 weeks later. You can check with Phil Parcels to see if he has any San Jose Cars later than that. Best Regards, Scott Taylor 428CJ Registar

19L was a busy day. My 69 was scheduled for Nov 8 but actually built on Nov 19.

His build date of Nov 22 is the latest I have seen.

Kind of funny they were running behind at the end but ahead early in the month. Mine’s an 01L but was actually built ahead of schedule on Oct 28.

I wonder if there was a supply problem of CJ parts or something that caused those later cars to have to wait longer ?

My car is also the medium lime color and currently has a black vinyl top so seeing shadez’s car is kind of freaky.

Mine was scheduled for 19L (Dearborn though), built 11/15

Thanks for the responses. Car is coming along well. Still working on the engine build and just got done pulling the rear apart. Gears are in perfect like new shape. Actual mileage is just over 40k miles and seams to have not been driven to hard. Under carriage barely had any surface rust under the factory under coat. Loving this cat.

Hmmmmm. Do we have closure on this subject? Dates, Martis’?


Not yet. I’m very interested. My Marti is attached. Schedule for 4 Nov, completed 18 days behind schedule, 22 Nov.

i have two san jose cars. one was built same day as your car and the other was a later date.



oops, only one picture loaded. i will try that again. this is a 60’s postcard of the dealer in whitecourt

this is the nov. 22 car

So the old San Jose plant in Milpitas is now a the Great Mall.

Last time I was there a few years ago they a section with photos and info panels.

Do I need to stop by and get pics and post them?

Please do it would be really cool to see.

Based on the build and release dates, from the 22-27 they built almost 6oo Merc’s per day! VIN 8559 & VIN 5563 Interesting.


Unfortunately you can’t just measure the numbers between one VIN and another and apply that to production since these cars were not built in sequential numbers.

There was a set of build sheets found that represented a group of cars built in order by rotation number going down the line one after the other. Believe the group represented almost 30 cars. The sequential numbers spanned 4,0000 numbers (between the lowest and the highest) and the projected build dates range covered 3-4 weeks though they were all actually completed all on the same day. So for this example 8558 and 8564 could have been on the line (second half of production) one behind the other and completed almost the same moment

Furthest off VIN (when we would expect it to have been built) and the projected build date I’ve see was 8 1/2 months !! But that is very unusual and a special case IMHO though there may have been more than one like it