What's it worth? 1970 xr7 351 Cleveland M code

It’s in rough drivable condition .
1970 351 Cleveland 4 valve M code
Lots of new parts. . Needs paint and interior but she still gets lots of compliments. Engine supposed to be balance and blue print. Want to do her justice. . If offers are made or what have ya… I might want to sell… but right now just wanting a realistic ball park. .

Without pictures and more info doubt anyone could give you even a ballpark.

This is absolutely correct. However, a rough driver as you describe it is likely worth less than $2,500.

Sounds fair… thought I attached a picture. . Still figuring out the forum… it’s too cool of a car to sell that cheap… any recommendations on where I can find a good solid parts … would love to restore…

With a running 70 351C 4V I would add about $500.00 to what Jeff said. The engine is hard to find and will bring some money if complete. IE Air cleaner, riser pipe and heat stove on the exhaust manifold. And a decent motor craft 4300 4V. Any of that missing will lower it some.

Without seeing the car, my guess would be $2,500-$3,000. 4-speed transmission, factory sunroof, styled steel wheels or other desirable factory options could add value. Although there are exceptions, aftermarket mods seldom add anything to the bottom line, and frequently detract. Rust is a big deduction, of course. Hope you save her, or find an appreciative buyer.
BTW, its 4 venturis, not 4 valves.

A couple of great places to get good quality parts are West Coast Classic Cougar in Salem, Oregon and John’s Cougars in Holland Michigan. They are both very knowledgeable as well.
Although I haven’t personally used them yet, National Parts Depot has a number of warehouses in the US and seem to have a great catalogue to order from.
Good luck with the restoration or sale, whichever you choose!

Thank you. . I’m keeping it. . Gonna restore it… to awesome of a car…


I like it. Lots of potential there.

another pic …

thanks man…