Whats the correct name for this part?

I don’t know if I need one but for the life of me I can’t seem to find a replacement and there is no part number on it. On the diagram #4 and or #5 :smoke:

The correct name is Solenoid valve

Is this on a 1973 Cougar? Your diagram isn’t from Ford is it? My 1973 MPC is different, I have no IT help, so I can’t print / scan and post.

Yes Scott, that scan is from the service manual, one of many depicting vacuum diagrams and the closest I could come to my scenario. Yes 1973 XR7 351C Q motor. Since there are 2 wires connecting to it I have gone through the service manual, and wiring schematics to try and find a name I can use when looking for a replacement part, WCCC/RockAuto/Mustangs and so on and I haven’t found anything close. Along with the 2 wires it has 2 vacuum ports. :smoke:

Here are 3 pic’s of the actual unit in question :smoke:

That helps, that part is the EGR cutout solenoid. That is the #4 solenoid valve from your diagram.

The solenoid marked #5 is called Spark Delay Valve bypass Solenoid. Those are part of the spark delay and can be found on 1972 cars with Distributor modulators. Can’t verify it or not, but this part may be D2AZ-12A170-B.

Good luck finding a working used solenoid.

Thanks Scott, big help and the #5 may be of use to someone else with a 73, but back to me :laughing: Makes perfect sense since since one of the vac lines used to go to the old egr valve on the spacer plate under the 4300D. Do I need this since I removed the egr valve and old 4300D and replaced with a holly? You can see in the one pic I have that old egr connection capped. Ive assumed (yea I know been bitten by that before) i needed it since it has electrical connections. If I need it do I need some kind of vac line connected to the capped port, or can I bypass the unit completely? Glad I don’t need #5 cause for a 1972 those are going for $100 from NOS. :smoke:

Well just an update, I don’t think the solenoid can be removed due to the 2 electrical connections. I was having an issue (which the end result was vacuum ) and so this morning I ran a vac line from a manifold vac source to the old port that was connected to the old egr valve that I had capped. My vacuum issue went away and I am a happy camper. Thanks again Scott and all :smoke: