What's your idle speed?

My 69 351W 4V idles at 900 once it warms up in neutral and about 750 in gear. I am turning it down to about 800. The manual says curb idle should be 550 and fast idle is 1400. What is your idle set at?

My curb idle is 600 with cold fast idle at 1100. TL 4 spd

Mine is just shy of 1000 and 750 in gear. Doesn’t seem to lurch when I drop it in gear so I’m leaving it there. The aftermarket cam doesn’t like an idle speed as low as the 550 factory suggestion.

My 69 XR7 S code has a cold idle at around 1400 and warm idle at 700

Set it where it sounds right and it is not trying to push the car when it is in drive and your foot is on the brake.
If you have a different cam you will need to mess around until you find what works best.
I have a Comp Cams 268h in my 351w , 900 in park 750-800 in gear works well and when it is sitting at a light it sounds pretty goddam good.

I keep mine at 750 RPM

I have a Comp Cam also and mine is a 252h. It too sounds really good!!

900 down to 650 or so in gear.
If I had one of the 50 or so '63('64?) Chrysler Turbine cars as does Jay Leno I’d have a 50-60 thousand R.P.M. idle. Yes, you read that right.

I was told my '69 Windsor should idle at 900 in neutral with A/C. Around 750 in gear. I set my high idle at 1100, I felt the engine raced to much at 1400.

Pay close attention to what the shop manual says about headlights on / off, auto transmission in gear or neutral etc. I set stock engines by the manual. Check the footnotes.

Mines a stock 351w 2v FMX and idles happily at 650 in gear…

351W 4 bl edelbrock and electronic ignition - 600-625 in drive.

750 seems awfully high.