Wheel and tire size

Hello! If you haven’t seen my post about My First Cougar, please check it out a couple threads below! I NEED a new wheel and tire set up badly… want something a little more aggressive than the small factory hubcaps on it now. What is the largest size I can go in terms of tire without any sort of modifications? What are you all running? Please post pictures!

Just sayin’ welcome!

I can’t help you with my set-up. I got lots of mods.

Local, what’s up with the stink bug look there? lol

Here is a list of tire sizes that was produced over on the mercury.net site back when the site was way more active. The list gives you the size, what year cougar and if that tire size had problems rubbing on the Cougar.


Wheels and tires fill the fenders.

Look up Bobby Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop. I’m a big fan of his style.

Here you go for your reading pleasure.

This is what’s up with it…for your viewing pleasure…


The old school look is fine if that’s your taste. It just reminded me of high school a bit. I remember a lot of the muscle cars with the shackles to lift the car. Usually for wheel clearance.
I went the other way, but there’s no shortage of rubber under the car. 275 40 17 in the rear and 245 40 17 fronts. The factory 10 spoke 15 X 7 rims are put away as there aren’t many good tire choices for 15 inch rims anymore.
Shelby right side engine compartment.jpg
Shelby Left engine compartment view.jpg

Is this wheel and tire for the 67 427 mustang your are referring to? Or a cougar? I would love to run tires that size, but I don’t know if they will fit without any modification?

In a round about way that Shelby wheel was available on a Cougar, click here for details.


One of the nicest looking Cougars on the planet.

Yes,I have that much stuffed under the car with the Drake 17" reproductions. 7" wide front and 8" rear. I put the original Shelby 10 spokes in the garage.

I’ll second that!

I’m running a 68 vert, which is very uncommon to begin with. I see lots of classic cars riding around with larger rims and the lower profile tires these days. I chose to go with a more original and better riding setup. The car rides fairly nice on the local lousy roads that I have to put up with here in the St. Louis area. No more chasing hub caps. I have 14x7 rims with 215/70/14 tires. No rub issues noticed. I also chose to go with black walls since raised white letters, red wall & white wall tires are very common. I stand out and that is what matters to me. Then again, you choose what you like. Have fun!

Don: Drake didn’t make those for your Cougar in 17 X 7 and 17 X 8?