Wheel Covers-Headed For The Trash II

67/68 Dan Gurney Special. To quote multiple Craigslist ads, “Should be an easy fix”. Can remove XR7 emblem only, if anyone’s interested.

do you only have these two or do you have all four?

If you still have them, how much to ship to Vegas? From the USA I’m guessing.

Nah, they went into the trash a long time ago. I did keep the XR7 emblem though, let me know if you want it.

Sure, the emblems would be great. How much do I need to send you for them? Can I pay you through PayPal? Thanks!

Just have the one emblem. I hit the backside of the wheelcover with a torch to remove it, so no damage from prying. It’ll hardly cost anything to mail so don’t worry about that. PM me your address and I’ll get it sent out to you.

Any update on that mailing? Thanks.

Update? Still waiting for you to send me your address.