Where can I find maroon interior paint?

I searched for “maroon” at Mustangs Unlimited for my 68, and the Rainbow Industries Dark Red popped up. I thought I might as well try it, but it was indeed dark red and not maroon (which is darker). Where might I find the actual color - preferably in a spray can. I need to touch up my kick panels. -Dave

Google the SEM Trim paint, or, go to a local paint supplier of SEM…they should be able to get you a match.

Here’s what NPD offers for interior paints…


If they don’t have what you’re looking for then your next best bet would be to get your interior trim custom color matched. Your local automotive paint supplier should be able to custom mix it for you in a spray can version.

John offers the dark red which should match your maroon, but you have to consider that your maroon has darken with age.


Whatever you end up going with (I use NPD’s PPG and SEM stuff), I do not recommend trying to “touch-up”, but rather “re-spray” the entire panel if you want a uniform finish with a good match (to adjacent stuff).

You can go to your local sherwin and williams and color match your color with their Ultra Interior Automotive paint line. Its not spray cans though.

Thanks all - all of these options sound good. -Dave

Do not go with a off the shelf stock color. Take a sample into the supplier and spend the extra money to have a proper match custom mixed.

Thanks, Don. After a lot of searching, I think yours is the best advice. An online paint reference says that this color is Ford M3059, called variously Maroon, Black Cherry, Dark Red, Royal Maroon, and Royal Burgundy - depending on which car and year. My one test with shelf stock, Rainbow’s Dark Red, didn’t match. I’ll just take a part to a shop and have them do a mix. Unfortunately, my little pancake compressor doesn’t have enough CFM to spray using a real spray gun. I’ll figure that out later. -Dave

IIRC, they should be able to put it into aerosol cans for you. If that is now a no-no, you could always get one of these: