Which Holley carburetor did Ford install on the first 390 67 cougars ( the 66 July 4th cars )

Im looking to find out any good info , on which Holley carb Ford used on the very early big block 390 cars. The July 4th 1966 cars.
Would it be a C6OF- 9510-N or M
or a C7OF-9510-D or B
And what would the carb date be ?
Thanks for any help

can’t help you out for sure on that early build. Mine is built 5/8/67 and has C7OF-9510-D 390 GT automatic.

Do you have that Marti report?

That should at least allow you to narrow it down by exact engine code.

The determining factors are type of transmission and whether or not the car has Thermactor. No Cougar received C6OF-N or M.

From the Mustang and Cougar Tag Book
For 1967

390-4V S code STD C7OF A
390-4V S code AUTO C7OF B
390-4V S code STD C7OF C CA emissions
390-4V S code AUTO C7OF D CA emissions

That narrows it down to 390-4V S code STD C7OF A unless it’s a CA car with emissions.

Mine is a CA car auto.

I own one of the early scheduled to be built July 4th cars. Marti report says actual build date is 66 days later.
Im looking to find a date correct carburetor for it.
Its an automatic so a C7OF 9510 B or D would work.
But it would have to be atleast an early June 1966 carb is what Im figuring then.
Whats the earliest date codes then for the C7OF carbs.
Much appreciated gents.

Ford used the 04G scheduled date on lots of Fords with very low VIN numbers. July 4th is a holiday for union members almost every year?
Cougar 1 is also a 04G door plate dated S code 1967 Cougar with automatic, Jim P. can give the actual build date.

August 1966, should be an acceptable dated Holley carburetor for your September 1966 built Cougar?

Jeff Speegle would be the guy to ask about this. Sometimes the rule of thumb that people use of a few weeks before the build date isn’t necessarily correct. It can be a much broader range than that.

The scheduled build date of 04G is not a real date. The car would have been built at least a month later, but there is no way to tell without a Marti Report showing the actual build date. Once you know the actual build date then the carburetor assembly will be easy to figure out. Holley didn’t build 390GT carburetors on every day of every week of every month. There are probably one or two or maybe three batches all date coded the same two or three different dates before the car was actually built.