Whisper-Aire Walloping

I’m trying to put the AC back in my car, but it wasn’t easy to get out either! How do I re-install this thing without smashing up the flimsy metal collar or damaging the thin and fragile fiberglass of my blower housing?

Is there a trick to this? Like “put the motor in first, but don’t bolt it down, then put the AC box in”?

I would sure appreciate help!

I am guessing you have a 1969 Convertible? The AC needs to go in before the carpet, before the dash, before the console. It needs to go in first.

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Sorry for not giving helpful information here, guys! This is a '67 XR7. It’s definitely above the carpet in there.

The shop manual says the blower goes in first, and hold it to the left while you put the box in - but I’m thinking this is going to be a long and unfun job, if I want to not smash it all up. =)

Same advice- the carpet, seats, pad console etc needs to be gone.

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West Coast Classic Cougar made a video about how to do this


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Many thanks to all that offered advice! I did manage to get it in there, without damaging anything, and without pulling the carpet! (that mass-backed stuff is challenging to lay down and get in place!)

Thankfully my buddy came over and helped me by throwing nuts on the studs as I got it all in place.

It was not easy, but it’s in! Now to find all the brackets and screws I’ve managed to lose over the last 18 years…

I also discovered that the fresh air vent on the driver’s side doubles as a storage device for leaves, bugs, and old mud dauber nests! I was lying under the dash, and demonstrated its operation to my friend who was helping. bap Right in my face, and onto the new carpet. lol