Who makes factory correct exhaust systems for 427 GT-E

i am seaching for a factory correct 427 GT-E exhaust system with H-pipe.
it should fit Scott Fullers rear tips (2" ?)
any advice?
Thank you

Uum, … Scott Fuller? He has made them for other GT-E’s.

I checked Scott Fullers Website already, there is no GT-E system shown? Only the GT-E Tipps.
Thank you again!

The factory GT-E exhaust system is identical to the '68 Cougar 390GT exhaust system. Exhaust manifolds, H-pipe, mufflers, etc… Last I checked West Coast Classic Cougar offers those.

The exhaust pipe which you attach those GT-E exhaust tips are also the same, but I would think you would need to shorten the tips. Royce could answer this…or Scott Fuller.

Last I heard Scott was not offering the complete GT-E system due to lack of potential customers. Next best thing is what TomL is recommending, because it is true. The systems available from either Kepich or West Coast fit fine and work fine, but they are not identical to the original systems.