Why bother with aholes


Did someone have a bad hair day? Group hug everyone. :boohoo:
Sorry I don’t feel the love. This is about Cougars and the people that own them and not the tough day at the office. IMO


Sounds like issues that are beyond the scope of a Cougar forum. Good luck and hope you find the kind of support you are looking for.

Lee: It seems to me you went from asking existential questions to name calling in two posts. I thought Admin’s post was thoughtful and kind. It is true that this is a car forum and not group therapy, although many of the relationships that have formed through this site and through the shared interest in/passion for the Cougar are quite therapeutic. Maybe you should get out to some local Cougar events. I have found generally speaking Cougar folks are about the most chill and friendly segment of the car hobby you could find. Wishing you all the best…

Lee I do hope you will come back and read this. I read your post several times and never could figure out where you were going. Picture a bunch of chickens watching a card trick. That’s me reading your original post. That’s okay, I feel the same way when people talk about a lot of things I don’t understand. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve respect. Just don’t expect the chickens to understand the questions much less have any answers.

What I do know is that this is great place to trouble shoot your turn signals or solve just about any mechanical problem. Beyond that, our ability to help is pretty thin. What I do understand is that you need to sort out a few things. Important things. Things that we are terribly ill equipped to deal with. Things that many of us really don’t want to deal with and that is why we are here. I hope you can find support for that. Don’t stop looking for the right place.

For many of us the thing about working on cars is that as much as we may cuss at them, they don’t cuss back. Everything that goes wrong with them can be fixed if you have enough money, time, and talent. This is a refuge from the things that don’t have to obey the laws of Newton, Ohm, and Bernoulli. For most problems the answer is in the Factory Service manual or the manufacturers instructions. They even have phone numbers for tech support if all else fails. This is our gasoline powered therapy.

Political, psychological, and emotional problems don’t come with a trouble shooting guide. I think that is because there are no easy answers. That stuff is way harder than what we do here. I think lots of folks here would like to help but we don’t know what size wrench to use, and we run away from things that can’t be fixed with a wrench. Again, please keep looking for what you need. I am sure that there are people that can understand, and relate, and want to explore this with you.

Amen Brother