Will Electro Mods bring non car people into the hobby?

For the first time we will start to see collector cars that are powered by electric motors… so called Electro Mods. It seems that when I talk to non car people they love old cars but get very scared when they hear the word carburetor or you tell them you need to set the choke on cold days. Will plug and play make it easier when a collector car never needs an oil change?

Ford performance sells them. Only 281 hp

Personally not interested. I’ve driven electric vehicles. There’s no soul. No smell, no rush, and no rumble. Count me out

Very popular in the UK where an electric car gets tax exemptions in the city. The established converters utilise existing mounting points so that the integrity of the vehicle is maintained and it can be returned to its original commission when the world wakes up to the fallacy of electric cars.

Have an acquaintance in Milton Keynes with a converted 308 Ferrari. It no longer needs an expensive service every year so he can use it over summer and it is faster. Claims it is more fun to drive on English B roads.

The kit being developed for Mustang / Cougar puts the motor and integrated controller where the gearbox sits and battery boxes in the engine bay and trunk. Maintains a similar weight distribution to the standard car

Might be a pragmatic solution for some while we wait for common sense to return


Probably not, the people that can afford those Electro Mod cars will likely just buy a Tesla, Lucid, or Karma.
Youtubers, say that the price tag for new motors and batteries is $50K.
I am casually interested in the technology, and the conversion process for building these types of cars. Would I build one? Hard no.
Still much prefer the ICE conversions that people are doing with Coyote, 2JZ, LS, etc.

I don’t claim to be a trained mechanic, but people will be shocked, when they find out I am not an electrician either

Yeah, price has to come down before they become popular. But I think there will be a market for them for sure. Especially, if energy fuel becomes a cheaper commodity. The new e-stingray is supposed to be high performing so the direction is heading there.