Wilwood disc brakes on a factory disc brake 68 XR7

Has anyone installed a 4 caliper Wilwood disc brake system on their factory 68 disc brake car? Wilwood said it was a bolt on kit (#140-16799) but after purchasing it is not a definitely not a bolt on. They list it for a 67 but I believe that 67-68 spindles are the same, any help is greatly appreciated

I believe that that kit is designed for drum brake spindles. Drum and disc spindles are the same for 1967. The C6… cast drum spindles used on Cougars 1967-69.

I put four piston Wilwood brakes on my 68XR7. I could have used either drum brake or disc brake spindles as I have both. I ended up using my drum brake spindles as that was a direct bolt on kit. The instructions regarding the disc brake spindles required the spindles be drilled and tapped to accept the Wilwood kit. I wanted to keep my original 68 disc brake spindles unmodified in case I ever wanted stock disc brakes.

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Did you find the four piston Wilwood brakes to be better than the original 68 disc brake.
Just curious. :grinning:

Originally I had converted my drum brakes to an aftermarket kit that used offshore pieces based on 67 disc brakes. I was not happy with that and specifically the power brake booster and master cylinder. So I went with an original rebuildable booster, better master cylinder and the Wilwood discs. I am happy with that. I do have 68 original disc brake spindles, calipers and rotors from a parts car. They probably would be fine-the advantage to me in the Wilwood’s was the lighter weight. My car rides and handles well with aluminum wheels and front hubs. I would use original components before I modified the 68 disc brake spindles by drilling and tapping for Wilwood’s.

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