Window Alignment Help

I took my passenger’s front window out and re-glued one of the brackets. This weekend I put it back in, cleaned, lubed everything. I cannot get the window to line up for anything. I have the stop for the back set all the way down and that is almost too high. Right after it hits the back stop if I turn the handle a little more the front pops up. Even when it does this I’m left with a small gap at the front and front top. This the closest I could get it after messing with it for a couple hours. One thing I thought was weird is that the front rubber stop doesn’t touch the stop on the bracket and the stop is adjusted all the way down. I have the window as far forward as it will go without hitting the inner structure of the door.

I have attached a pic of my regulator, the gaps, and I made a video trying to show how the front of the window “pops” up after the back stops, but I made the video at night so I’m not sure how much you will be able to see from it.

Any ideas?


Anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking maybe something is wrong with the window regulator, the door was hit at some point in time so maybe it got tweaked? I parted out a '70 years back and think I still have the window regulators. I would assume the regulators are the same between '69 and '70. Does anyone know for sure? If they are the same maybe I should swap them out to see if that fixes my problem. I think my problem is beyond an adjustment issue unless I missed something somewhere, but don’t think I did.

As long as the brackets are glued 1" from the ends of the glass you should be able to loosen the regulator, slide it into the correct place and tighten it back up as shown at about 35 minutes here…

the one bracket I took off is at 1", the other is 3/4". Is the window supposed to “pop up” in the front after the back stops going up?

The window will in fact travel upward to where ever the stop is set and yes it can make contact with the rear stop prior to the front stop making contact.

My front stop doesn’t hit at all and it’s adjusted all the way down.

Don, I did adjust my window like you did in the video, except I couldn’t get much of any movement on the regulator; 2 of the holes in the door are slotted and 2 aren’t. My back and forth movement came from the floating stud.

I snapped a few pictures of my window. As you may or may not be able to tell from the pictures the back of the window is too far up and it won’t get in it’s proper place in the seal channel because the glass is too high and I have the rear height adjustment all the way down.

Video, need to make a better one when it’s sunny out: Google Drive: Anmelden

it’s probably worth mentioning that the little barrel thing, retainer and spring clip that the floating stud goes through came out of the regulator arm when I had the regulator out. I put it back together what I thought was correct, but might not be.

My '69 windows were a nightmare…for what it’s worth, have you checked/replaced your door hinge pins and /or adjusted the door catch?

My car is a convertible also, I’m wondering if I can get them any better or I’m just stuck with the big gaps :cry:

I’ve checked the door pins, they are good. My body guy was supposed to help me align the door, but haven’t heard back from him and he said he doesn’t have one of those specialty “S” wrenches. The top to bottom alignment of the door is good. As far as I can see the only thing that might need adjusting is rotating the back bottom corner of the door in a little bit.

I was looking at my window regulator yesterday and noticed the regulator flexes and this is when the front of the window “pops up”

I think I am going to try a new window regulator. So far I’ve found a Dynacorn brand on CJ PonyParts and Dorman brand on Amazon. Does anyone know if one brand is better than the other?

All of the repros are iffy. Your best bet (if you can find one) is OEM used.

the only thing i’m afraid of getting oem used is getting one that is wore out or in the same shape as mine.

That’s one advantage of buying from someone who knows how to test them and offers a warranty. If you go electric your grille alignment problems disappear.

change over to electric windows, grille?

So I think I am going to take a different path on this. I think I am going to align my door and replace my front a-pillar seal since it’s shot and once I replace it the window will need to be re-aligned so thought it would be best to replace that now. Does anyone know where I can get really good a-pillar seals at? I found a place that sells them for Mustangs, but there are something like $136 each!