Windshield spiderweb scratches

I’ve heard em called that before, maybe it’s not the right term, but… During the day, no problem (other than the very small cracked section about the size of a penny, from where a rock hit-- it was treated so it won’t spread, so I’m told) but at night the light from people’s headlights cause the windshield to have the “spiderweb” effect where it looks like there are little lines all over the place, like scratches everywhere in circles overlaid on each other, whatever. Hopefully I described it ok

Can anything be done about that? Or would I just have to replace the whole windshield? If there’s a way to repair, is it easy, hard, or what? Replacing the windshield, is that easy, hard, or what?



Windshield replacement is kind of a chore, but, if I managed it, I’m sure another noob could, too! Picked up a new w/s from a local shop, new seal from WCCC, as well as new trim clips since mine were all off already. Should be able to re-use yours(someone correct me if I’m wrong there). Picked up the butyl rubber caulk from Summit, and went after it. Took a little tweaking with a thin blade screwdriver, but, getting it over the lip was fairly easy.

Scott I saw this article about replacing glass in a Mustang. It as a good article with pictures. It should be a fairly easy job if you take your time and have some help. I helped my brother years ago replace windshield in his 46 Ford pick up and we used a small rope to guide the gasket around the glass. The small screwdriver should work just as well.

Nice! I read through it, seems simple enough. Famous last words, right?

Thanks for the link!

I should self-edit…I used a thin nylon line around the gasket, and used the small screwdriver to coax it along in places…probably lack of experience, but in some places, the string just didn’t do the job.

Good luck on yours, Scott!

I’ve done the rope method with the windshield and back window of my Cougar, and the back window on my Comet too. Worked good - not a one-person job, at least not in my experience, and I agree that a screwdriver or putty knife or something like that is helpful too. Also, I got a cheap suction cup with a handle doohickey from Harbor Freight which helped give something to hold onto as well.

I’ve found several sites online describing how to buff out the spiderweb scratches using either a product specifically for automotive applications or one that’s jeweler’s something or other. This sounds better, or at least cheaper and easier, than replacing the windshield. Anybody ever done this?