Windshield trim removal

Watched some videos, mostly in mustangs but can’t find any trim clips to release.
I bought the removal tool that looks like pliers
I gently lifted trim and with a flashlight can’t see any clips.
Are the clips under the gasket?
I have an early year 1967 (built 12/1967) if that makes a difference.
Any advice?

On the gaskets. They’re about 6"-8" apart. Just use the tool slowing and don’t get impatient or you’ll bend them. They come of, just need some TLC to do it. Build date of 12/67? You sure it’s not a 68? If you have a running light in your front fenders, it’s a 68. Or the first number in the VIN will tell you.

I would call this the biggest PITA in disassembling a ‘67-8 Cougar. Especially if someone was in there with a tube of silicone trying to stop leaks. Try a different tool, they make a bunch of them. I’ll try to get a picture of the one I had the best luck with.

Thanks for the replies. Shortly after posting I was able to find the clips by putting in the release tool at a steep angle.
Thanks again

I have that date wrong and prob 12/66 It’s an early 1967. I’ll have to check the tag again but definitely a ‘67. No side markers.
Thanks for the reply and info.