Wiper arm removal

Anyone know how to remove a windshield wiper arm on a 1970 cougar? Needs removed to get cowl off.

Yes, it’s a pain in the a$$…unless you have the right tool. In the absence of the correct tool, you can use a paint can opener but it’s kinda tricky. The spring in the arm puts tension on the base and works against you pulling the arm off the shaft. There is a little spring loaded clip at the base under the arm that must be pulled away from the shaft while using the paint can opener on the opposite side of the arm base at the shaft to pull the arm off the shaft. Not easy and it would help to have a second set of hands to pull while you hold the spring clip off the shaft.

I think the clip is broken off

I can almost always get the arms off just with my hands. The trick is to lift the arm (which expands the spring), then, keeping the arm up, push down at the pivot point and lift up at the rear edge. This “un-cocks” the arm socket on the spline and it (usually) will slide right off.

This little tool works mint. Used it on my Cougar and literally takes seconds to remove the wiper arm off.


I have one of those tools and it always works great for me too. I got mine at the local Autozone.

Steve O has the simplist answer, purchase the tool and show off to your friends…


The image attached shows the little tiny hook that needs to be pressed up when the wiper arm is folded back. A small screwdriver can usually get to it just fine. Never used the tool shown above.

Get and use the proper tool. It’s worth every penny. Hook under the end, lift the arm, remove.

The “hook” pictured does not retain the wiper arm to the shaft.