Wire harness clips

Routing the regulator/solnoid harness along the passenger rail up to the apron. There are two mounting holes in the frame rail. What type of clip/fastener is used in this location? I have D clips on the apron approach to the solnoid and regulator. 1969 XR7 with PW, AC, PS, AT 351W 4V.

Got a pic of exactly where you are talking about? If so, we would better understand and can look at our cars to see if we have a clip there.

I believe you are referencing these clips, but that’s just my guess.

Sorry to say those are not factory clips. They are commonly referred to as “D” clips. If I recall correctly there are small one’s too , still not correct for the Cougar.
Looking at WCCC site for pic

I am referencing the two holes circled in yellow on attached image. Thinking about it it seems that running the harness behind the battery tray mount would offer more protection without needing any clips.

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Ok, so rereading your post we seem to have missed the target. The holes you circled are not used for the Cougar (69). There is one used on the driver side, but that is for a optional power steering cooler w/ 428CJ. The 1st pic shows a couple clips. As stated these are not “correct” for 69. The second pic shows the pass side apron (Alternator in pic) w/ circled dimples, again these are not used.

As incorrectly stated by last poster, there is indeed a wire harness (not mounted in frame though). This wire harness goes to the starter relay & volt reg. It comes thru the front core support & runs under the battery tray angle bracket. It is "free floating’ until it turns upwards toward the relay & regulator. This is part of the front harness w/ blinkers, side markers, horns & ground. This harness starts at the Dr firewall under the brake booster.

I do not have my 69’s here to double check the next part, but I do believe there is a plastic clip most likely the “D” style as this was used for most of the eng. bay area in 69.

1970 the whole thing changed as the harness runs from the dash thru the firewall (pass side) and then to the relay, volt reg, and gas a blue connector for the alternator. Plastic clip also changed.

So, hopes this helps answer your question - Are these holes used? No would be the answer if your doing it like the factory did.


Thanks for the info. After looking at it I agree it makes sense to run the regulator/start relay behind the battery tray and into the D clip on the apron on up to the relay and regulator. None of this was routed correctly when I got the car and some of this stuff does not show up in manual diagrams. I saw the holes in the frame rail (and clips would fit the holes) and was curious if they were used in this application. I hope I can provide others with the wealth of information I have obtained by folks in the cougar community. Thank you all!

Glad we all could help. Correct information is essential to this site for so many others!


Mine is obviously not correct, but i did what looked right at the time. My original passenger front apron was rusted out and crushed so I had to replace it and ran the wires the way it looked right to me. Glad you were able to give everyone to concours answer.:sunglasses: