Wish This Was In My Garage

I wish he had explained why he didn’t drive it.

Nice truck for sure! I sure wouldn’t have used a pressure washer on it. My 77 Cougar Wagon was the same crème color, and also had lots of orange peel, overspray, and even tiny metal fragments under a very thin coat of paint.

Larry Kosilla, better known as ‘Ammo NYC’ is a professional automotive detailer with his own line of products that are available to the general public. Specializing in the refurbishment of neglected vehicles from the exterior, interior and engine bay detail, Kosilla’ methods take years of weathering off restoring the car to an aesthetic well-kept state. My 67 black Cougar still has her original finish. There are some minor dents, stone chips, minor surface rust in spots and overall chalking of the finish all these -minus the dents- can be treated through the methods he lays out. For the rust spots a phosphoric acid converter will be used. This works by detaching the oxygen molecule from the ferrous element in the steel and replacing it with a phosphate one. The result is iron phosphate and water. This stabilizes the metal and provides a good surface to finish over.