wondering if it still exists

In late 1969 I purchased an Eliminator new from Union Lincoln Mercury in Baltimore MD. It was a Boss 302 car, white with blue interior, close ratio 4 speed, 3.91 traction lock. I’m sure that it was the only Boss Eliminator that this dealership sold since, like many L-M dealers back then, they were very much NOT into any sort of high performance car and were very anxious to remove it from their inventory. They also had a 428 CJ eliminator, also white with blue interior that I believe was an automatic car. I always suspected that these two cars were dumped on them by the factory at the end of the model year run. Unfortunately, I have no VIN # to research. In 1972 I was working in the parts department of Bob Davidson Ford, also in Baltimore. I actually sold the Cougar to a wholesaler that frequented the dealership since by that time a lot of dealerships wanted nothing to do with performance cars and wouldn’t even take it in on a trade. I always wondered what ever became of my Eliminator. I am guessing that it is not in the registry.

That sounds like an awesome car. Would be a definite head-turner in that color combo.

You could send Dave, 70b302cat on here, a PM to ask if there is any car on the registry that matches your description.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Kevin Marti will do the research to provide you with a VIN. I believe it costs around $100. You can send them the original dealership name and as many details as you know about the car, and they should be able to use that info to come up with the VIN. Once you have a VIN, you can check the CCOA database and Eliminator Registry.

Of course, like Randy said, Dave and Phil might be able to tell you if any in the database already are known to have come out of Union L-M.