WOW a W-code for sale

As so often there are too many nice cars and so little time (or money in this case) to have them:
There is a W-code black 1968 cougar for sale at classiccars. It was originally augusta green…

Nice, I’m not sure it is $105K nice. I’ll leave the value to those that know “W” code Cougars and who have that to spend.

Mike Johns car IIRC and the gummy worm pattern steering wheel looks like Mike Willet’s handy work.

Right-toe Don, that’s one of my old GT-Es with the refurbished steering wheel off of the G car I had at the time.

It will be nice to find out what it eventually sells for to see if changes to originality affects price. Also to get a present pricing level.

Doesn’t this one also Have rear disc brakes? I really lusted over this one when Jim sold it.

Description says 4-wheel discs. I understand your rustlust. The car is bad a$$.
Considering I had a quote of $80-100K for a full restoration at a well-known shop,
that is a reasonable asking price for the car. Somebody with the means to buy it
is going to be driving around with a big grin on their face.

Jim made a lot of improvements and Mike is a very detail oriented guy that has continued to improve the car. He is also a realist so whatever the car is really worth he would have a good handle on it.


It is a beautiful car. Jim and Don are right, Mike is a very detail oriented guy who has made the cars in his collection all great showpieces.

It was fantastic to see the Black GT-E in person at the last event in Oakley California for the 2018 Western National event.

It’s just been advertised again on the 1968 Mercury Cougar Fakebook page but it’s listed as sold on ClassicCars website