Wow, Up beat Cloth and vinyl 100% original paint 71 XR7

I saw this Cougar for sale on a obscure Facebook Buy and sell page for my local area. What a find. Very little rust. 100% original paint Bright blue poly metallic paint and I think it will polish up nicely. Blue Up Beat cloth and vinyl interior. It is powered by a 351C 2V with a C6. Interval wipers Sports console Disc brakes and power steering. It went in to storage in 1993, the last time it was registered. It has not been run for all those years, So I will be replacing the gas tank and line, Rebuild the brakes and repair several things.

It still has it’s original plates and dealer trim rings. Also has 2 service cards, nice owners manual and a lot of receipts.

That hitch will have to go so I can get the gas tank out.

Not perfect but very nice, including the matching floor mats.

A AM Radio…

Just look at that, You don’t see to many this nice.

Any thoughts on what she might be worth when I get her running? I’ll have her home Monday. I’ll be posting more here as I work on it.

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The floor mats would be hard to replace! How many miles on this little jewel?

Under 100K. I forgot to wright it down. It will not be home until tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve always liked the 71 Models. Nice Find.

That is a nice find. I like the color combo. The upbeat cloth/vinyl looks awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that type of interior before. That Cougar would be a cool daily driver.

Neat score, indeed! Well done!

That will make a great show car just as it sits. Nice find.

Insurance value, $15k. If you part it out, $15k (of course nobody would, just saying…) If you sell it on ebay $7500. GORGEOUS!

I got the car home this afternoon. Placed an order for a new gas tank and related items. Then gave it a washing. It is going to take some work to get it cleaned up. But not as bad as some I have worked on. I did some looking under the hood. It will need new belts. Both are Autolite belts and the P/S belt has a D0OE part number on it. Oh it has 95,680 miles on it.

I am impressed with the condition of items that are usually trashed. Forgive the perspective here. But when was the last time you saw an original 70/73 steering wheel running cat this nice?

And the ash tray, Not perfect but it looks like it was never used.(I like that)

And I got this today,

Here she is sitting in my yard. Waiting for me to wash her.

Tomorrow I’ll be digging a little deeper in to see what I find. I plan to get her in to the shop by Friday. I don’t think I’ll have her on the road for a few weeks. I have a lot going on and need to catch up on a few obligations. And get the convertible running so I can put this on the lift.

That looks like a nice Cougar. I like the color combination.

Spiders coming soon by the look of that nest or whatever the hell that is on the door panel. Yikes.

It’s gone now. Should have taken the picture after cleaning it off.

Up beat beats beat up any day! Very cool car - congrats!!!

Great find Neal. One of the best looking 71’s I’ve seen

Today I took the trunk apart and took out the back seat and passengers seat looking for rust. Not much and none through. I

will kill and Por 15 it soon. I found the build sheet under the passengers side carpet. Not in to bad of shape, just yucky

brown. I’ll have to find the thread about cleaning them and do that. I also found a corner of another one.

The trunk floor looks purty good, not perfect.

It came with a new set of plugs, wires and fuel filter. Not sure if I’ll use the wires. I have a few more sets that my be better quality, It came with a distributor cap, for some GM 6 cylinder.

So far I have a $0.44 return on my investment. Plus 1 NOS screw.

It came wit hall this documentation. A list of services done up to 71,000 miles. Receipts, owners manual 2 service cards, and more. In the notes I found he bought a 1965 Ranchero 4/1/65 and that he traded in a Ranchero for this Cougar. No note of if it was the 65 or not.

And taped in side the owners manaul are some 10 years worth of registrations.

I have been working on the car out side, I will move it in to the shop this weekend. I will not be able to do much this weekend on it. A very special girl is having her 5th birthday party Sunday and Papa(me) needs to get the place ready on Saturday.

Postby 93RGTE » Today, 12:54
Up beat beats beat up any day! Very cool car - congrats!!!

Thanks, It certainly does.

by leonbray » Today, 13:33
Great find Neal. One of the best looking 71’s I’ve seen

Thanks Leon, I have no idea how they find me.

Oh I love this car!!! The interior looks every bit like my 71 I had, except for the console, mine had the short one. I have never seen floor mats like that before, nice. Seeing the trunk, WOW! what a find to see one original in this condition.

The last two days have been overtime at work so not much done. I gave it another washing this evening. I noticed this little oddity,

This it the section on the front of the drivers side fender. Why are the pin stripes on the wheel lip molding?

Here she is all purity and wet.

I got the new gas tank today. The fuel lines will be in next week some time.

A little update.
Who knows how to read date codes on Mufflers? This is the one on this 71, It is a July Build date car. I believe this to be the original, but it has a D2WA part number on it.

I looked at both ends and the pipes look like they are factory welded to the muffler. I’ll get better pictures in a few weeks when I get it up on the lift.

Neil, I believe that the muffler could be a service replacement. Ford exhaust from the parts depot typically when ordered from Ford would come as a welded muffler/tailpipe assy. If it was replaced on that car let’s say in 1976 for example the original D1WA may have been obsolete already or changed up to the 1972 style of exhaust, hence the 1972 stamping number on your assy.
Can’t help you with a date code if in fact that’s what the number under the stamping number relates to.