WTB : NOS or Pristine C9WY-10A858-A ( XR-7 Rocker Switches Bezel )

Looking to buy the “Housing ( Instrument Panel Control )” housing - that’s what the MPC calls it. We all know it as the bezel for the XR-7 rocker switches ( above the A/C louvers ) for the Map, Courtesy, Panel and “Accessory” ( 1969 ) or “Top” ( 1970 - D0WY-10A858-A ) or “Defog” ( 1970- D0WY-10A858-B ). I’d prefer NOS, or Pristine used.
I do have the NOS D0WY-B for trade if someone has the 1969 NOS and wants to swap !

Hello gah. email sent your way.