XR7 Dash panels

I know the XR7 dash panels have a burl wood laminate. My question is what kind of wood is this laminate resembling. It looks like a walnut burl grain. Anybody know?

It was advertise as “dash was covered with burled walnut applique”.

WCCC offers an overlay kit you might look into rather than trying to source your own wrap


The new stuff is really nice. The only thing keeping it from an exact match is it doesn’t have the texture.

this is what wccc has

Thanks for the information. I was thinking on possibly doing a custom walnut burl veneer. Just thinking about it. The material is a bit pricey, but if it worked, it would look nice, and it would be real wood material, not a sticker.

Looks fabulous in your photos. Wow.

Real wood would certainly look and more importantly feel…well… real.

Found this old post but pretty limited info however poster sounded like he knew what he was doing. The custom gauge surrounds are also a lovely touch. However think he’s got the correct process with an aluminum backing as this is how Mercedes did theirs.


redid my cluster with .08" aluminum sheet cut to shape on a modeler’s fretsaw, laminated with two layers of fibreglass sheets and catalyzed epoxy resin. Sapele root wood veneer .02" thickness was laminated to a sheet of canvas, then both halves were glued together using epoxy compound again and cut to shape. the linen fabric gives extra strength to the wood veneer, while the two layers of fibreglass and epoxy make up for the different expansion coefficients of the wooden front side and the metal backing.

You might also search to see if anyone did this on a Mustang of the period as used similar product back in the day.

Thanks Cavallino, It gives me and Idea on how it may look. This is the material I was looking at. Like I said it is a little pricey, but if done right it would look nice. https://www.veneersupplies.com/products/AAA-Walnut-Burl-Veneer-Lot--175-x-44-3-Sheets-Per-Lot.html#

Sure looks like a match to original and would look very sweet! I’d also search for tips from folks that have redone their own wood for Jags and Benz’s.

If you proceed I’m sure other owners would love to follow your progress. Good luck!

I’d add from my experience with my (sadly departed) '66 GTO. Having a metal backing to the wood is a really good idea. Otherwise you’ll eventually get warping from humidity changes.

Is you XR7 GT a burgandy/burgundy car. Does anyone know of one in Indiana?

Here’s what I did on my ‘68 convertible project:

I wanted to keep my standard dash but give it an XR7 type of wood look. I also added a mini tachometer in the clock area.
The material is a plastic laminate used for sign engraving.


This is my first try with veneer burled wood. I have some tweeking to do.

Getting a little bit closer. I took a break from the dash panel for a while because I got my parts in for the front and rear suspension. That is done and working on the instrument cluster, Vintage Air system, wiring and stereo. This is what I got so far. Still in work, got my tester to test some on the gages. Need to check them before I put together.

looking really nice!

  • Phillip

DAMN! That hand-shaker (4-gear) is the best! I can’t believe how many old cars I’ve owned and only ONE has been a 4 gear… :open_mouth:

Mine had a dent…I covered it with carbon fiber vinyl…looks great super easy

Thanks Phillip. It’s not perfect, but I am ok with it.