XR7-G 4 speed SOLD - Not Mine

It’s an S code 390GT with factory 4 speed. Sold…

Sending someone out to look at it…to be continued…

Wow! Look at those ancient tires. Link does not work, must have sold.

Don Rush I had interest in this Cougar and contacted the owner last evening… I was lining up a friend in Pennsylvania to go look at it when I got a email from the owner this afternoon that the Cougar has been SOLD

Not me…thought about it, but …couldn’t handle the color combo. After deciding a repaint, it was sold.

On the really rare potentially valuable cars repainting usually hurts the value, especially if it is decent original paint. On the really ugly color combos that are not as rare it is usually a no brainer. Very subjective though.

The original owner told me last night that the trunk lid and one front fender had been repainted due to a few mishaps… if I had bought the car and the paint was decent enough I would have cleaned it up and gone through everything and done a mechanical restoration on it and got it back on the road and drive it and enjoy.

I agree the gold isn’t my favorite color but I could live with it… can’t be picky after 53 year’s.

I already got one of these and at that price I was giving this serious consideration. Did anyone notice if it had a sunroof?

I asked the owner, he said no sunroof or tilt.

Also he said with the damage to the trunk lid and one front fender that both front and rear bumpers were damaged so they were replaced also.

The thing is, if you want a Cougar with a factory 4 speed you may never get another chance to buy one. You can complain that you dislike one thing or the other - but then you won’t ever own one.

If this car is as nice as the pictures a lot of people will regret missing this one.

I just wish someone would have made that clear before I sold mine.

Wow - I’m late to the party, don’t know how I missed the initial post about this.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen what a Parchment interior looks like on a G. Very cool! Especially the console.

And this one appears to have the G specific wooden manual shift knob.

So Royce and Don, did those make production? Were they actually installed at Smith on all manual transmission XR7-Gs?

I believe there is some speculation on whether of not the Shelby version was not done in time to install on the manual KRs that they were intended for.

  • Phillip

Don’t know anything about the Shelby GT500KR except they were far more plentiful than manual equipped XR7-G’s.

All of the XR7-G’s with 4 speed that I have seen had both the plate and the knob as shown in the advertisement for this car.

Not that I have seen too many xr7G 4spd cars in person but I do believe the intention was there.



Phillip, didn’t you see my parchment interior G in 2017 at Carlisle?
Don, I have both those items in my display case.

Ha! You know, that’s funny Scott -

I think I was too dazzled by your Raders!

I honestly don’t think I stuck my head in the window to examine your interior :laughing:

  • Phillip

Shiny stuff throws us guys off. We go to look at one thing, and we get redirected toward shiny stuff.

The real story - the original seller / owner got cold feet when he was inundated with calls from the ad in December. He recognized that his asking price was too low.

It has now finally sold to a new owner. It’s on the road too.

Royce , do you feel comfortable sharing the selling price ?