XR7-G Book

I have a 68 XR-7 I’m working on that’s pretty close to yours.

Thanks Phillip…

The book has been added to the online store

Don Skinner has done an amazing job gathering all of the details and bringing together a lot of great information from various sources, including Royce, Kevin Marti and several XR7-G owners.

Phillip Payne, have you started working on your Eliminator Graphics…

Thank you for all that you do for the Cougar Community.

Thank you Gavin, I really appreciate the kind words. I have not started on the Eliminator graphics yet but I am really looking forward to those.

What Gavin posted is actually not the cover to the book - that is a preliminary sketch that I did at the start of the project to give a rough idea as to what the cover I was envisioning would look like.

What I posted at the start of this thread is the final art for the book.

I also received the XR7-G posters from my printer the other day. Those, along with the GT-E posters will be available under the Cougar tent at the Carlisle Ford Nationals next week.

  • Phillip

I will be getting an autographed version from the author, but I’m also going to need a couple of those posters, Phillip.

Sorry Scott… That’s My G on the cover LOL :slight_smile: Ok… well… maybe if I ever get it painted back to correct…