XR7-G Book

Coming out sometime this summer - a new reference book on the XR7-G Cougar.

We’ll be looking out for it! Great graphic, Phillip!

I’m sure it will be another find work by Don Skinner. It will be added to my library.

Thanks Gary - these two covers were meant to book-end each other.

And absolutely a huge “thank you” to Don for devoting the time and energy in putting all these great Cougar books together :beerchug:

Great artwork Philip, I look forward to seeing the book.


How did you decide on the color of the cover car?


Looks great Phil!

I like the red,white and blue letters and the color of the XR7 G :sunglasses: The only adjustment I can see is the fog lights look a little too skinny. Be nice to see the detail on the G scoop snorkels. It looks like a GT-E scoop.

I just choose a color that I like. I put a red car on the GT-E cover so I wanted to go with a contrasting color for the G book cover.

The scoop is the G specific scoop and different from the one in my GT-E illustration (see attached closeup).

From this angle, the top of the fog lights are hidden behind the bumper, making them appear more “skinny”.

What I am going for with these illustrations, is a vintage look - which is to say not a slavish, photographic-like, exacting representation of a Cougar.

Back in the '60s, when illustration was still widely used in the product advertising world, the agencies hired wily old veterans who put food on the table by being able to portray virtually anything - a jet airplane, a car, a box of Jello - in a way that was dramatic and interesting.

They weren’t an enthusiast of any particular marque or model, and often exaggerated proportions and took “artistic license” in regards super accurate details, in pursuit of an attention grabbing illustration, which was their ultimate goal and what they were hired to do.

In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for some of this packaging to get in trouble with the “Truth In Advertising” laws of the day. This happened with the James Bama created box art for the Aurora Monster Models - which are among my favorite illustrations of all-time and which also had a huge effect on my impressionable young brain.

I’ve also attached the work of my favorite auto illustration duo, Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman. My work doesn’t come close to theirs (they were like rock stars in their day), but I personally love vintage marketing, advertising and illustration, and you can see how they drastically warped the proportions and perspective.

And I thought it was because you liked my G so much (lol).
Great artwork, Phillip. Like you, I really like this ad art genre. It’s like a picture, but so much better.

^^^ In my mind (and this is obviously subjective), I think the definitive GT-E color is cardinal red with the silver lower body and for the XR7-G it is the color combination on your car Scott.

Now for the Cougar in general - Augusta Green with a saddle interior just seems to be the definitive combo.

  • Phillip


OMG!! Are you sure we’re not long lost siblings?
I also had an Augusta green 68 XR-7 with a black vinyl roof and Saddle interior. Unfortunately I sold it after buying my first G. Striking colour combo.

Another very well done image, Phillip!

Phillip, nice idea to have the two covers reflect each other. Not to pile on but if you could possibly increase the fog lights just a bit, I’d appreciate it. Since those lights and the Sunroof are such defining features of the XR7-G, it’s likely that enthusiasts will like it too.
Since there was a limited edition poster of the GT-E cover, is it likely there will be one for this cover as well?
Finally, is there an early sign up list for those who want to buy the book?

Thanks for the suggestions - I really do appreciate it and my butt has been saved before when things I have missed were pointed out prior to having artwork printed.

I don’t take offense (got that drilled out of me during class critiques in art school) and likewise, don’t take offense if my perception differs.

The artwork has been released to the printer.

I am having matching posters printed and should have them available at the Cougar tent at Carlisle. After that I will put them up on my Etsy store.

And no sign up list that I am aware of - the books will be available on the CCOA merchandise webpage.

  • Phillip

Great work as always Phillip! I dig it!

Thank you very much Andrew!

Saw a proof of the poster today - the sales manager for a local printer that my business uses a lot surprised me by bringing the proof over here to my home/office.

Turns out his father owned a Cougar when he was a kid so besides getting my “ok” to run the posters he wanted to talk Cougars!

  • Phillip

From the pics, I didn’t think I would like the color combo on Scott’s car. When I saw it in Dearborn, I was hooked. You have to see it in person to really appreciate it.

In my mind, I guess that is the only thing that detracts from my G. Saxony with saddle interior and a black vinyl top is kind of a funky combination. It has grown on me, but there are still better combos.

It sure looks great in your avatar photo Matt!

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