XR7-G front valance braces

I am tring to fugure out where these braces hook to on the center of the front valance of my G. I had it all apart and just cant quite see where they are hooked. I know the bolts go through the valance.

looks like wires used to hang the valance during painting.

Because of the fog lights on the G valance, the regular top tabs to bolt a non G valance, are not present on the G valance. This makes the G valance sag slightly where a non G valance is fastened in two extra places.
In the attached pictures you can see the original tabs before the valance is modified to accept the fog light buckets. Once modified those tabs are cut off to make way for the fog light bucket to be welded to the valance. Sorry, can’t get the uncut valance picture to load.
The other attachment shows the front valance schematic (exploded view) of a G valance.
I hope this is helpful.

No that really does not help. I Brian Carpenter or some other G owner could take a look under their car and tell what it hooks to. That would really help.

Randy are you talking about the two wires in the middle of your picture? Scott and I both own G cars.

I looked at my G and I don’t have the two wires that can be seen in your photo.

It looks like they are coming from where the license plate bolts come through the valance.

  • Phillip

They go through holes just below the license plate nuts. They are about 6 inches long and have a hook on one end. I have been thinking that they hook around the bottom hood latch bracket. It may have been added by a privous owner, it sure looks factory.

Hmmm, that is fascinating.

When was your G built?

May be something that was added to later G’s to address a problem with the missing attaching points and sagging that Scott mentioned.

  • Phillip

It kind of looks like a battery hold down piece. How big is it?

Considering the scale of the apparently 8 1/2 by 11’ pad they are too long to fit in that location. The core support is maybe 4" from the back of the valance. All of the valances I could see here have the two holes but they are not used on any of my cars. I am still thinking this was used for some other purpose.

They are about 6 inches long. Car was bult 05/16/68

Besides the bracket for the plate, there are also two holes for rubber bumpers there.

The XR7-G valance does not “sag” at all. There is a self tapping screw P/N 375838-S run through the back of each fog lamp bucket into the front frame rail to replace the support afforded originally by the tabs. You can see where they go in the IPC illustration. Many G owner’s make the mistake of mounting the fog lamps in the front valance before installing it. Thus you end up with a saggy diaper look instead of a straight properly installed valance.

Those are not part of your car. Toss them.

How long is that screw? There is quite a distance from the lamp box to the frame below the radiator support. Do you suck up right to the frame? I can see one hole on the drivers side lamp but the passenger side lamp does not have a hole behind the box.

Little late to the party, but I have the illustration that shows that screws in my G information folder that Royce posted the part number for. I don’t think the screw is meant to pull the bucket to the core support but only pull it tight to hold it in place. I think this is another one of the XR7 G print vs reality areas. I have no holes in the core support that line up with the holes in the back of the fog light buckets to install the screws on my G car. The only holes that come close are the ones for the wire loom holders. It might have been an assembly line decision to install them as a quick fix to cure a valance that was sagging to send the G out the door. I bet some are out their with only one screw and not two to cure the valance sag if it was an issue.

It pulls up tight to the frame.