XR7-G Hood Pins

I am looking for a correct reproduction set or an original set of hood pins for an XR7-G. Hopefully they will include lanyards, but it isn’t really necessary. I am tired of looking at the snap type pins that I have currently.

Let me know by P.M or you can call me at 317-361-2601…


Matt Tieken

There is a guy that does a very nice reproduction of the entire G hood pins, clips, lanyards, and washers. The lanyards are a bit thinner than the originals, but still very worthwhile. I forgot his name, but I’m sure someone else will chime in.

Check out this link it should have the information you’re looking for.

I did see that thread and I emailed the guy. I haven’t heard anything back yet.

ive got one set of nos pins only, no lanyards or mounting plates…

Looking for G parts I discovered a couple of old threads about Hood Pins which are just a few of the things i will need to get for the G restoration.

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Actually, the guy reproducing the G hood pin kit is Jeff and his e-mail is mechcgr@hotmail.com .
Good luck with your project.

Is this the guy you emailed “BigMatt” and did you ever hear back? Is there a better supplier out there?


Post a list of what you need. Someone may be willing to sell, or know some place where you can get it.


Two roof pillar badges.
Fog lights.
Trunk Emblem.
Bucket for inside the console. These used to be repo’d at one point.
Complete set of hood pins with lanyards and hood plates.
Wheel Caps with G emblems.

Items I have the original of but are in poor condition:
Shift knob.
Door pulls in Dark Ivy Green’
Steering wheel emblem and dash emblems.
Third horn.

I know I can get the seat covers in Dark Ivy but I don’t know who has the best. I wonder if the Leather can be bought as well and used to redo the center console and arm rest.

So just a few thing really…

And of course I have to get them shipped to Canada as well. I may have someone in Florida who could bring some things to me in the summer.

If you are still looking for items message me at 7808194485.

I have a set of 3 now pillar / headlight emblems and a set of reproduction lanyards and trim plates for the hood pins. Also have wood shift knob and pewter steering wheel emblem. I may have some other nos emblems and I made wheel centercaps and labels.

I recently sold my ar and these are the extra I collected


Message send.