XR7-G Needed Sept 1 - 5 Lime Rock CT

Hello, I am trying to track down a XR-7G in show (or nearly show) condition in the Northeast to invite to this year’s Lime Rock Historic Festival https://limerock.com/events/historic-festival-40/. We will featuring Historic Trans Am during the racing days on the event and on Sunday we want to show examples of production cars next to the actual racing cars. Ideal for me would be a 302-powered XR-7G. If you know of any owners in the NY / MA / CT /NJ area that might be interested, I’d appreciate it if you would call or write (cell: 646 853 5041). Thanks! Lowell Paddock, Executive Director Sunday in the Park, the Lime Rock Concours.


I don’t think you could do any better than Craig Keith. He’s retired now so this might be a good chance for him to get the G out, although his is a Hertz 390 G. PM me if you want his contact info.


A Hertz G actually paced the 1968 Trans-Am race at Lime Rock.

Sure hope I can attend this event!

Great picture Phil - any others of that car?

Craig’s car has most of the equipment a Hertz G had, but his car was not a Hertz G originally.

Just this very similar shot in black & white.

It looks like it had big Hertz banners on each side plus some other text which was advertising for a local Hertz location I would guess.

The car appears to be Diamond Blue, color code N. If so it is likely a car that is in the database, with DSO 15.

If it could be verified - what a cool bit of history for that car - being the G that paced the 1968 Lime Rock Trans-Am race.

And if it were in good enough condition and could make it to the Sept race, would be VERY neat to have it pace another Trans-Am race there.

I could recreate those HERTZ banners :sunglasses:

  • Phillip

What about my 302 J code G that was sold to David Davidson?

Royce - I did some quick checking around and found this very cool YouTube posting of some vintage Super 8 footage.

Some nice stuff but unfortunately you only get glimpses of the G pace car at 0.31, 0.45 when it is coming off the track at the start of the race and then a quick tail end shot at 0.54 with someone sticking out of the sunroof!


  • Phillip

Contact Allen Steinbeck with his Hertz G. He might be close enough to attend about 7 hours away. Looks like they had a 68 yellow Shelby conv for a pace car also.

Allan has sold his G. It’s going to NYC soon.

That would work!

There were two different races in that video - Lime Rock and then Bryar.

It does look like there was a '68 Shelby 'vert used as a parade car at Lime Rock. It too is only seen briefly but looks to be blue plus that is famed Shelby driver Jerry Titus holding on to the roll bar. I do know that a yellow '68 Shelby 'vert was the pace car at Bryar. The photographer got some great footage shooting backwards out of the car. You can see the yellow deck lid.

Attached is a photo I have in my files from Bryar.

That blue Mustang sure slammed into the pits hard after losing his brakes. I wonder if anybody got hurt.

I’ll be there racing my Pinto with the Vintage Trans-Am 2.5 group, and will be paddocked next to the big bore Trans-Am cars. If anyone is there, come visit. I’ll be parked with Brian Walsh (Racer Walsh) and his purple Trans-Am Pinto.

Jim Karamanis
'70 XR7 Eliminator Clone
'72 Pinto Vintage B-Sedan Racer

Some good news, The Estes and the Burien Cougar are both confirmed to be racing at the event:

That’s really cool! Those are two of the most authentic and important racing Cougars in existence.

I’ll never forget attending my first vintage, Trans-Am race. To hear those V8s firing up and watching them roar around the track. It is intoxicating.

  • Phillip

Royce did you find a G for this?

Still trying!