XR7-G's for sale September 14, 2019

I am taking a cue from the Eliminators for sale postings on this site in order that buyers might be able to see what’s available, and sellers will have a better view of the competition.

J code / Sunroof:

This one is Saxony / black / black with sunroof. A nice restoration, well optioned too.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10220438046728008&set=pcb.10157085936559597&type=3&theater&ifg=1


Now we have an X code XR7-G.

Augusta Green / No sunroof:
Original Rader wheels . Car is in registry. Call for details. Text 570-279-0121 for video ! Has “Born With” original motor , trans and original interior.
Come see it !

IS what it is , As is where is , no warrantee’s $39,900
Info at: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-Mercury-Cougar-XR-7-G/113781255641

Also a nice S code XR7-G:
The car is very solid and has very minimal rust. One shock tower had a spot of rust where it is spot welded to the rear inner fender, and I have repaired that. I also did a pretty decent refresh to the engine bay while the motor was out for a refresh. It has a warm cam, but nothing that can’t be changed back to stock. It comes with a 3.25 Detroit TrueTrac differential, but also included is the original 2.75 open center section.

Almost all of the G parts are there. Royce Peterson viewed the car and told me the third horn is not original. The fog lights are right, the sunroof works, the wood shifter is there and in good condition.

Info at: https://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/hertz-cougar-xr7-g-for-sale/10750/1

At least your job will be easier than Mikes’s! All three cars seem to be solid and good values.

Here is the recent CraigsList project in Washington.

390 / Auto. Red with black interior. Sunroof. Project. $12k

Thanks Mike!

The Hemisfair G is also still for sale. Same price as was a while back:
$18K for the car
$22K w/ the radar wheels and OEM FR-70 tires
Unfortunately Photobucket bit the bucket so the photos are no longer on line.
I have detailed photos of the car and am looking for a new place to post them.
I thought I had put some on Google Images, but cannot find them or a link now… so PM me
This is the newest photo from 2017. Car has always been garaged during the time I have had it.

Found the link. You will have to have a google account to access the pictures.



^^^ That would be an absolutely gorgeous G when done - beside the fact that it is unique among XR7-Gs.

Good luck with the sale Tony!

  • Phillip

Is this a 302 sunroof car?

Yes. Originally Madras Blue ( Ford Gulfstream Aqua ) w/ white top, aqua interior. J code 302 4V automatic. A/C, PS, PDB, Tilt, headrests, Sunroof. Specially ordered for display at the 1968 Hemisfair in San Antonio TX.

Added Tony’s car.

added Mark Eaton’s Saxony car. I used to own it, that was and is a really good car.

Price reduced to $11K.


Revised your price, plus added the X code car in western Canada.

Just want to clarify, that’s not my car. I just keep seeing the ad and thinking it would be a really cool project if I had more skills.

Added link to photos for John Ludorf’s car.

There is a G for sale on BaT - this one used to be owned by a DCC member.

Last I saw it, it was in really nice shape. While you can’t really call a Cougar that has the XR7-G option a “low option” car, this G with a 2v F code engine, no sunroof and drum brakes all-around was probably about as inexpensive an XR7-G as one could purchase in 1968.

Looks like the seller (or a previous owner) has addressed some of those issues.

  • Phillip


I’d love to know the backstory on it and what the dealer’s strategy was ordering it that way.

Here is the Marti for the G for sale on BaT.

Also interesting is the optional axil ratio of 2:79.

Why 2:79 and not the more conventional (and perhaps standard?) 2:75?

So, I’m not the only one who thought the 2:79 was strange… I thought maybe it was a G thing I was unaware of.

All of the Hertz Gs and the X code 390 2v Gs were 2:75 if I am not mistaken.

First I’ve ever seen or heard of a 2:79.

I notice the Marti states the 2:79 is the “standard axle ratio” yet calls out “Optional Axle Ratio” in the list of options.

  • Phillip

2.79 is the optional ratio for a Cougar with an 8 inch rear end. Notice that this car is a 302-2V.