I started a thread over at the XR7-G section on G prototypes and thought I’d start a thread on the XR7-S here.

Here is a nice, color photo from the April 1967 issue of “Hi-Performance Cars” magazine.

Here is a close-up of the emblem and the interior.

Interior looks custom and the rear seats appear to be buckets?

The text mentions a hidden roll bar.


Here is the article from the 1982 issue of “Super Ford” magazine on the other XR7-S that was built for Henry Ford II and is now in the hands of a private collector.

One of the few times he has shown the car was at a SAAC convention in the '80s which is where these photos were taken.

I was sort of hoping the owner of the HF II cougar was going to bring it to the SAAC-MCR show in May at the Ford World Headquarters. When Brian and I were talking to him he said he might bring something. (wishful thinking I guess) He did say he had some experimental Shelby tail lights or something he was going to let a friend of his use on his Shelby for the show, but they both ended up being a no show. There’s one more show at the FWH in Aug. I’ll ask him again about the xr7-S, but every time I bring it up he likes to change the subject. I heard him talking to some of his friends about the HF II license plates. That was his doing’s, not Henry Ford the second.

Your our man on the inside Jon - keep up the good work!

Philip thanks for this and the G thread. I’m eating this stuff up :smiley:! Great reading. These are my favorite Cougars after mine of course.

Great pics. Thanks for posting.

So the “S” was for “Supercat” or “Shelby”?

Oh great, now another set of rumors will start to spread.

Yeh, like was there really only one built??
And who’s going to build the first clone … er, re-body!!!

I don’t think it is known exactly what the “S” stood for.

Speculation has been “Shelby”, “Supercharged” and “Special”.

I don’t think “Supercharged” because Phil Parcells said he thinks it had a 390 in it.

My guess is the S stood for “Special” as in “Dan Gurney Special”.

The XR7-S has a 428-8V engine. The “S” doesn’t stand for anything.

I might be way off base but didn’t HFII’s XR7S start off as a S code 390 car replaced with the dual quad 428? I think I read that somewhere but I can’t remember for sure.
On a different note the S does stand for something…“Steven” So I think the XR7S should be in my care. After all it’s my favorite Cougar. :smiley:

O.K. Steven, just for shitz & giggles if you you want to have this car in your care. When I first met the owner and found out he really owned the xr7S I did ask him if he wanted to sell it. He said he really didn’t want to sell it, but I probably couldn’t afford it anyway. Then I started thinking… he don’t even know me, how does he know what I can afford and what I can’t. Don’t get me wrong he was never rude but I guess you can just feel out people. But anyway I was thinking I had 3 fairly nice cars that I could sell, I also had a little money in the bank(not no more) and if I had to I take out some of the equity I have(had) in my house. I was going to offer him about 200K, and he just kept walking, he didn’t want to sell. Well last year we were talking and he mentioned one of his cars he was offered a million dollars for. I think it was from Ron Pratt from B-J fame. He used to go to some of the bigger auctions like B-J, Russo, Gooding,and Mecum. I asked him if he remembered I offered to buy the xr7S. He just said vaguely, and I told I was going to offer him 200k for it, and he said back then that’s what he thought it might be worth. I said well I have to apologize for my ignorance I didn’t know that car was worth around a million bucks.
He said it probably wasn’t, he was told at one of the auctions(don’t know which one) that they could probably get about 700K for it. And you know what? It’s still not for sale.

Jon thats cool thats why they call them dream cars. :thumbup:
700K - That’s quite a hefty sum of money.

Speed Control on the XR7S?
This picture is out of 1967 Motor Trend Car of The Year issue. Am I wrong or is that a speed control switch on the turn signal lever? If it is wouldn’t that be wierd for a dual quad 428?

Tail Light Bars and Exhaust Tips
I like the bars on the XR7S tail lights, matching the grille bars is a nice touch. The XR7S exhaust tips look like the GTE Prototype exhaust tips in the picture below.

HFII’s had GT-E style quad tips.

Mustangs Unlimited GTE With Tail Light Bars


I believe the HF II car is a 4 speed.

My guess for ths “S” would be that it used Shelbys 1967 GT500 engine. There for the S for shelby.

Just repeating Phil Parcell’s hypothesis - that the XR7-S in these Ford studio shots was either an engineless styling exercise or that the “S” stood for an s-code 390.

Since I just got on this forum of course I had to head for anything XR7-S. I talked with the owner at the 1980 Dearborn get together and he said the S stood for S code 390. He took off the 67 390 GT air cleaner to show a single Holley. The fiberglass hood was the best part. Merc should have went with it for the GTEs. Mr. Pinkerton has copies of all the pics I took that day. The above rear shot was one of them.

ClawIt welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. You need to set up your XR7S (fender photo) avatar. So if I understand this correctly HRII’s XR7S has a 390 or just the 390GT air cleaner? So the original prototype XR7S was the only dual quad 428? Do you have copies of any of the pictures you took of HFII’s car when you saw it in 1980 that you could post or does Mr. Pinkerton have the only copies? If you have copies would you be able to post them?