XR7G Color and Emblem

I know the just about everyone has seen the Gold XR7G promo/prototype cars with the brown and black vinyl tops. At least one of those cars had the 1967 6.5 Litre fender badge.

I saw this photo on the internet and it appears to be a Gold G and the top looks black. The car is also sporting the 1967 6.5 Litre fender badge. At first I thought could this be the promo picture car? Then I noticed the pinstripes, they are black.

How many XR7G’s are out there with the 1967 6.5 litre fender badge? How many Gold with brown vinyl tops XR7G’s were made? It’s a striking color combonation.

It’s “one of none”. The badges are incorrect. Perhaps the originals got lost during a paint job, who knows.

The promo car doesn’t have the front bumper guards. Im sure they could have been put on as well as a change in pin-striping. Royce, it is hard to see the emblems, how are they different?

1967 6.5 LITRE emblems are tall and narrow in shape, 1968 6.5 LITRE emblems are long and short in shape. Totally different looking.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

So both of these cars have the 67 emblems it seems.

Thanks Royce.

Here is a picture of the 1967 6.5 Litre emblem on my car.

Here is the picture of the 1968 6.5 Litre badge on the Black Cherry G.

Old school euro style spelling of ‘Litre’ :thumbup: :thumbup:

That’s how the Cougar was marketed with it’s European styling. :thumbup:

The prototype was a '67 Cougar, so it has '67 badges. All the production G cars were '68 Cougars.

Thanks for explaining about the badges everyone, There is always more to learn about these cars. :slight_smile:

My G now sports GT badges. If you look down the front quarter panels at a sharp angle you can see where the holes for the original 6.5 Litre badges were filled in. It is amazing what previous owners will do to a car.

Once a Cougar has had a repaint, all bets are off (as far as originality goes).

So this means my 1967 GT has had the GT side badges replaced with 1968 ones. I am mystified as to why, since it appears all the other trim pieces on the car appear to be original, and the PO’s kept all the original parts not currently installed in the car’s trunk.

No those are correct for your Cougar. If I remember correctly your Cougar is a early 1967 GT build. Late 67 and 68 GT’s use the separate G and T letters.

I’m wondering what makes you think this? You are aware that GT emblems are not the same as 6.5 LITRE emblems? Only cars ordered with the GT package will have the GT emblems. A car ordered with the S code 390-4V and without the GT package will have the 6.5 LITRE emblems.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95