XR7G Mirror vs Hurts Olds Mirror

Is there a difference in the XR7G mirror and the Hurst Olds Mirror. If so what ?

I am not sure if the Olds mirrors are remote, but all the reproduction mirrors are non-remote, so I have a strong feeling that would be the only difference. And the Cougar specific mirror base.
Are you looking for a G mirror?

Olds was manually adjust only. The only thing the Hurst / Rambler Scrambler mirror is good for is if you want a PS mirror on your G.

Couldn’t you use a DS mirror on a PS base?

You can turn the repro mirror into a remote one. Take one apart and you will see where the cables go. Seal the cables in there from a repro remote mirror so they are tight and it will become remote.

The mirror is exactly the same. The only difference is the base from left and right.

I agree, I had a set and all that would have been needed was the cables. Finding the cables I think would be the hard part unless you sacrificed a remote mirror of some sort.

Ignorant question but… these aren’t power mirrors right? And if so is there a way to convert them?

These are cable operated. I bet they would be easy to convert using the mechanism from a similarly shaped electric mirror.

Stacey David mentioned these repos on his show Gears.


He even mentioned that similar mirrors were used on Cougars.

I had a pair of them and they are the same as the cougar XR7-G, but the driver side is not remote, it is a manual. I sold mine, but I still have a base available. The one thing I liked was having the passenger side mirror.
In looking at how they are made, “if the same as what I had” the driver side can be made to work with the remote cable if you can find one.

FYI, it’s Hurst Olds :wink:

I would like a passenger side mirror on my G. Does it have the same chrome ring?

Wow. I’ve definitely looked better, in fact I feel a little bit stupid. They are exactly the same, at least from the 69 model I was looking at. Are they available as a reproduction? Or does one have to go digging?
Thanks, Ray.

Passenger side mirrors without convex glass are pretty worthless, regardless of shape.

The G mirror is the same as used on the 69 Hurst Olds and the AMC SCRambler.
Non remote reproductions can be found through Fusic (sic) Olds Parts. Sold in pairs. Mirror bases for both sides for Cougar can be found through Cougar parts vendors,WCCC I think.

I would be interested in one mirror if anyone would like to go in together to buy a pair.

I still have a mirror base for the passenger side if you need it.

How much for the passenger side base?

I have been thinking about buying a pair
as well and splitting the cost with sombody.
You can get the repro ones on EBay at a cost
Of $375 plus 20 for shipping or $ 399.00
with free shipping. Haven’t checked else where.