Q code 428CJ;
P code color Competition Yellow;
Code 1A Black Standard interior.
Should have a 3.00 Traction lick 31 spline N case rear
Currently missing the CJ and C6. But it has a clutch peddle in it. The Marti report is on the way…

My inspection found some rust in the doors and it may have some rust in the floor. But it was undercover until recently. I could not find evidence of any accident repairs, but is had had a repaint. Odometer reads 98800. It was a drag racer in it’s earlier years.

Lots of go fast goodies here.

Great find, Neal!

Did you buy it Neal?

Ahh, yes.

I didn’t even see any mounting brackets in the trunk for the cali emissions. But I really was looking for rust not brackets. No emissions parts were in the trunk.

Nice sleeper! Just needs some gears.

Kinda slim on the options! Looks like it took a year to sell?

These are still few and far between.

You may need to build a bigger shop to hold all these cars.
Congrats Neal.

These sleepers are neat cars. Put it back to original (C6) and enjoy the startled looks when you hit it to the floor.

That car looks really solid. A sleeper except for the Comp yellow paint. Congrats!! My 69 Q code has the same 3.00 open gears with a C6, definitely a sleeper.

I think with 3.00 dog leg gears it would be in need of replacing the right rear tire. I can’t wait to get it home and dig in to it some.

How far from “home” is it?

Mr Pinkerton is helping me Sunday to move it from North Bend home.

That’s not too bad. Not like you have to go to Montana, or something. That would be a two day trip.

I like that one!

What are your plans?

1 get it home
2 get it up on my lift and inspect the underside better.
3 get that 302 running.
4 make a plan…

Sounds like the hunt will be on for a cj and a c6!

It is, but at this time it is a low priority. I need to get the 71 done before getting to deep in to this one. As much as I would love to drop all the projects and hit this one hard.

3.1 Pull the seats and look under the carpet for a build sheet :slight_smile:

Ah, yeah, that’s what I meant.