Oh no - don’t do it. Nothing causes you to hate Cougars more than working on a cj and C6. Great for developing hernias, new skills in applying bandaids and exciting new ways to use universal joints on your socket set

Yes but think of the profanity you can use…

I built Boeing airplanes. I have a good 4 letter word volcabulary.

Don’t forget about it being a great way to figure out how to spend more money on parts you had no idea you needed!

Well; I got the beast home today, After I took this cell phone picture I put it up on Jack stands and checked the underside out. I found I had missed the passengers quarter has been replaced. I is a fairly good job. I also found it does not have the “N” case center section. But it looks like it had a set of 4.11s with a locker. I then removed the seats, I had thought they had been recovered. But they are in fact Mustang seats. The back seat still has a paper tag on it stating the manufactures name and “Mustang” on it.
I got the carpet out, No Build sheet. The carpet has been replaced and all the sound deadner is gone. It has some surface rust on the floors, I will clean that up and seal it. It has a drive shaft loop and lake wood traction bars. I also found a big electric fuel pump by the tank. I had thought it did not have a California tank, but it does. With some big pile of sealer of some sort over the location where the plastic vapor return mounted. I plan to get rid of this tank before I get it running any way. I don’t know why I didn’t notice the XR-7 instruments when I was looking at the car, so who knows what the wiring looks like. I do have a complete 70 standard harness here.
I have been getting some information of CJ power train parts that will work here. I may have a Cast Iron tail shaft C-6 lined up. Other items I don’t have as good of a feel on yet.
But this will only get a good cleaning up and then it will be placed on the list of projects that I need to get done. I have to get the 71 Blue Up-beat cloth interior car put back together. It is close, I hope to get the power train bolted in this month. But I also have a kitchen project coming together too. That should have been done a week or so ago, but the contractor is not ready with the new counters.

Glad you got it home OK. Hope you didn’t have too much trouble getting it out of that backyard.

Great update, glad you got it in the garage and had a chance to really check it out more. Too bad about the build sheet, but you never know - there might be one hiding in there somewhere!

I have found a couple stapled to the back side of door panels. So until any possible hiding place has been searched…

That was done before we got there. His dad did pull it out on to the street for us.

Today I found a 9M13 date 428 Police interceptor. It came wrapped in a nice 71 f250…

Today I got the truck moved to my place. Only 108 miles one way… I drove it around the area I bought it at and it want to go… But the brake pedal is sticking and I have to pull it up to get full release.
This is it, but I didn’t get the cap.

Nice truck

Minor update time on the Q code. I have been collecting parts for the last year. I have the 428PI and a cast iron tail shaft housing C-6 from another 70 Police interceptor. I found a set of -N heads that work with the build date of the PI to upgrade it to a CJ. I got a CJ Holley service replacement carb, a new set of the cast aluminum find valve covers and a set of headers. As well as a bunch of small parts. The trunk is getting full.

I hope to start doing some small projects on it after the first of the year. Like getting that crappy 302 out of it. I removed the heads and found that while it was a recent rebuild, it had gotten water in it and has rust in several cylinders. Oh well…

This afternoon I got the factory invoice and Elite report from Marti Auto Works. Interesting. It is 1 of 1. But…

Apparently only because it is a California car.
I found this to be interesting, no prices on the window sticker,


I’ve already called Marti Auto up about this(will call back in the AM) and have discussed it with Mike Bank. He said he has seen a couple other Eliminators that are early build unit that are the same way. Note here on the Factory Invoice it only has dealer prices on it.

So the car still has a lot of mystery in it’s past. I’ll post what I hear back from Marti Auto Works tomorrow.

Enjoying the posts, Neal.

It’s a mystery to me how Marti calculates his “One of ____” figures. On my black Eliminator for instance, he calculates it as a one of one, but never includes the special paint option. Doing so would have cut the number of steps to get there by half, or more, in my estimation. Likewise for your car, I’d bet that of the 17 428/C6 std. hardtops in Competition Yellow with black standard interiors, 15 or 16 of them had the Eliminator option. I doubt there would have been a need to get to the radio/emissions equipment levels if that had been one of the earlier criteria. But in any event, its a cool car, and certified one-of-one, regardless of how he got there. Enjoy, and please continue to keep us posted.

My discussion with Marti Auto Works this morning I was informed that this car was invoiced before final pricing had been established and the original window sticker did not have retail pricing due to that. I have ordered another invoice for my first Cougar. 0F93H501543. I can prove I use to own it and can get a photo copy of the invoice. I am curious as to what day it was built and if it also went out the same way.

My Son has a 72 Mustang with similar situation, early build and 3 different invoices, one waiting on emissions approval saying property of Ford, not for sale until Federal approval, then the other 2 list original pricing and then a change 2 weeks later.

Did Marti Auto Works inform you of the multiple Invoices? I only received the one.


No they did not, the three sheets showed up when we ordered the invoice. We did order some other things at the same time but there was no special notification note or anything. Nor is there anything on the Marti report about the emissions hold. The car sold several months later making us think with the hold it may have ended up being used as a demo since they initially couldn’t sell it (even though it showed as a stock order). The PDF is too big to attach as here and I see that is not an acceptable format for the gallery.

Neal, con grats, nice cars

Well, I finally found time today to pull the poor old 302 out of the Q code car today. I don’t think I had posted here I had found this engine had a bunch of water in it and was rusting. It had been a fresh engine, though .060 over. It was fun pulling all the bolts that needed to come out to remove this as I swear they were all over torqued by a good 75 or more foot pounds :wall: . As I am working in a fairly tight spot at the moment I decided to remove the block seperate from the transmission. I had not noticed the Small Block C6 is a later model with the “95” cast on the top. It is a little longer at the top of the bellhousing making it a little tighter to work with.
As I was working on it I found a bunch of interesting BackYard engineering. Like the motor plate, Apparently they didn’t have one for an automatic. I’m not sure if it was for a smaller flywheel but the 2 lowest bolts were not through it, rather catching the edge with a fender washer. The area where the starter goes was hacked out and reworked to act like a spacer for the starter.

No DOA 5.0 now!

HIt spent a few minutes hanging around on my lift.

You can see where the fender washers had been. And love that Chrome oil pan. I hope it isn’t to rusty inside…

Note the motor plate…

If it don’t fit, cut it until it does…

Notice the routing of the transmission cooler lines. One would not be able to pull the engine and transmission as a unit without removing the lines first.

And the under engine cross member is missing a bolt. I did note the lower control arms are the factory style, the upper arms have riveted on ball joints, but I am not sure if they are factory. It does have it’s factory sway bar.

Because of tight space and plans to restore the engine compartment I decided to remove the hood. Moving blankets were used to protect the roof. Not that the paint is anything to write home about. I’ll be getting the transmission out tomorrow, then get started on cleaning the engine compartment. I may pull all the wiring out first, it is hacked up. More soon.