0f91q509919 Competition Yellow/Black Interior

Was California license 567 CBM. I am the both the original owner and now the 4th owner; back in my possession after a 48 year hiatus.


That’s awesome, Chuck :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more pics and follow along! Congrats!

That’s great Chuck. Congratulations.

congrats on your re-purchase.

Good job bringing the car back home.

I’m doing some detective work right now on what may have happened to this car over the 48 years it has been away from me. The hood has been blown up at one time as there is a crease across the hood in front of the hood scoop. The trunk lid shows some red paint under the yellow so it has probably been replaced and it seems that the back end may have been damaged in an accident years ago prompting the repaint.

It started right up after what I believe to be a 25 year dormancy. OK, changed oil and filter, primed oil system with external motor through distributor, Marvel Mystery oil in each cylinder for several days before manually turning the engine over to insure nothing frozen, new starter motor and solenoid, new battery, new carburetor (wrong one but new), oh, and a new fuel pump. Ran the fuel line from a can of gas to the fuel pump, primed it and fired it up. Runs smooth, 72 pounds oil pressure, 18 inches of vacuum, no smoke, no blow-by, just a nice gentle rumble.

So it is drivable (licensed, registered and insured) since I found 4 decent tires to mount on it except for the brakes. I have all new brake gear for the rear (wheel cylinders, shoes, springs, keepers) and new pads for the front discs. Also a new master cylinder. Going to trust the power booster for now. While I have it up in the air I spun the back wheels and there is no posi. Either the Traction-Lok is completely shot or this is a different rear-end. When I owned the car, I was told that it had a Detroit Locker and 31-spline axles. I pulled the axles and they are 28 spline. Next I’ll drop the pumpkin and check it out. There is no snubber on the 3rd member so this may not be the original axle.

The plastic mud flaps I mounted on each wheel well are still there after all of these years! The lights work, the radio works, the rear turns are not sequential but they all light as well as fronts and front marker lights. The seats need new foam in them but the upholstery is almost flawless; back seat never sat in it seems. I plan on adding an isolation panel behind the back seat and the trunk (aluminum sheet) just for safety purposes in the future.

Needs power steering added to it as it never had it when I owned it and still not there although the two rivnuts in the frame for holding the PS idler ARE present (dealer must have removed it before I bought it as a “demonstrator” with 2400 miles on the clock, 1/4 mile at a time).

More details as they unfold.


Awesome! You’ll be driving it again before you know it!

Took some progress pics today…


Chuck, that’s a GREAT story. Share OLD and NEW pictures if you have them. Also, can you share the Marti with us? I love seeing how these cars were optioned!!!

Christmas Eve day…off she goes to see Jorge for paint and body. Sitting on new 5 leaf springs with original mountings to axle housing.

Notice 4 gallons of gas for $1.33, what???

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it all finished up!

Me too. It has been 48 years since I have driven it.

So they could drive it of the transport and and it would be out of gas… lol

When did you originally purchase vehicle?

marti report “SOLD 10-26-70”
but how is there an “invoice adjustment” on 12-15-72?

I purchased the vehicle in 1970 so that would be the 10-26-70 date. The invoice adjustment would have been the repossession by the bank. My pay was screwed up in the USAF and I went a couple of months with no paycheck. I was sure it was November of 1971 that it was repo-ed; I may have been wrong or it may be the date that the dealership re-sold it to the second owner who eventually parked it in his garage. The second owner kept it until he died where the third owner bought it from the estate sale in 2016 or 2017. I bought it from 3rd owner in 2019 and started the motor for the first time in about 35 years (72# oil pressure, no smoke or blow-by, 18 inches of vacuum, nice little rumble). BTW, I put water into the radiator in about April of 2019 and it has not been started since and there are still no water leaks.