1967 Cougar 289-4v V-8

Selling 67 Cougar 289 4v.
California car. I’m its third owner. I bought the car in 1999. I used it sparingly as a weekend driver until 2003. I last drove the car in late 2005. It ran and rode great. Im not looking to get it running before selling. IMHO this is a great starting point for someone.
Why am I selling?
I’ve gone back and forth with my decision to sell, but If I’m being realistic I’m not gonna have the time to put into it, the resources are currently tied up in other priorities and space is becoming an issue. So its time.

Its currently not listed on anywhere else. I would love for the car to go to one of the respected members of this awesome community( Also, so I can lurk their profile and keep tabs on it :smiley: )
I think the right buyer would have a few options with this car.
Bit of elbow grease/get it running properly and you have very, very solid rust free driver.
Or put some $ into it, restore it, and end up with a pretty great investment.

For more info on the car feel free to contact me.
There is also a pretty lengthy conversation on pricing regarding this vehicle from a year ago.

The only thing thats different on the car from the photos on that old thread is that I put new tires on it, so its ready to roll.
And I got a marty report.

Car was originally sold in Burbank CA, and its now in Van Nuys CA.

I’m asking $6k.

Interior photos

Some more interior and trunk…

Cool car! Black on black, 4V, what’s not to like? Looks like a perfect drive-as-you-improve type of project. Seems like it would be relatively easy and gratifying.

That wouldn’t take much to get to a great driver level! price seems more then reasonable!

Bump for a cool project car!

Lol Thanks!

So a potential buyer had the car professionally inspected and appraised by Iconic Motor Car Inspection(very cool Inspector btw). Long story short, the car was outside the buyer’s price range and scope of his abilities.
He appreciated my honesty through out the process and he gave me the FULL report he payed for.
I had this car listed in autotrader for $6,500, turns out the vehicle was appraised at $9,183. :blush: :blush: :blush:

The report includes a massive and very detailed PDF document. Appraisal, a ton of photos and inspection video.
Here is the inspection/appraisal video for any one interested.

Photo Gallery

Don’t get too excited by that value. Many a seller has had to push their car back in the garage and forget them because of an appraised value.

Noted, thanks!