Location,east coast,NOS and Used cougar parts

Welcome aboard, and hope everyone is ready for the new year. I have a great collection of Used and NOS parts for all your 1967 and 1968 cougar located in South Carolina. Please if your looking for anything email me direct jskinner1@msn.com or carolinaclassiccougars@hotmail.com, or call 843 8716140…Ill be glad to look for you. Please let me know what condition you are looking for USED or NOS. I dont have any good trunks or hoods available at this time,or 4 speed parts. I have all kind of wiring,weatherstripping, wheel lips, valances,trim,rims,disc brake set ups,glass,brake pedal housings,rear ends,motors,interior. I have also, NOS wheel lips,valances,tail lights,trim,relays,front grill set up,dash parts,anything ask and ill be glad to send a picture or information to what is available.
NOS is if for the guys looking for new and doing restorations near perfect…My used parts, are straight off the cars, may need cleaned,sanded an painted or rebuilt or refurbed. So under stand that. I do have also
body parts
used, doors, roofs,fenders,quarter skins,bumper cores,steering columns,consoles and plenty of misc, for you east coast guys…
happy new year.

John I am not trying to be a pain, I sent you a p.m on the other sight. Was wondering though. Would you have any cars with the original autolite shocks on them? They don’t have to be serviceable shocks. I would like to find one front and one rear that I might pull the impressions off of.

Guys and gals…Finally getting back to the cougar world…I have 3 cars in three different shops and trying to keep up with all of the needs. But I have moved, so please make note NUMBER change 8436701602…Alot of parts still here, NOS AND USED… all years, just email me with the years and condition and style, and ill get back too you as soon as possible, email jskinner1@msn.com is the fastest or call…I have brought in a couple used 70 hard tops in the past year, that have 9 inch rear ends, and bolt in glass, and consoles and more…
Still keep finding more little things as I go through some other boxes and after moving and going through my other garages, boy found alot of parts that I had forgotten about. I have some really nice 67 and 68 steering wheels available,still some g emblems and nice steering wheel and horn pad.I have found number of front suspension parts new, and power steering parts nos and rebuilt!! So just ask…
Have a great summer.