1967 Cougar Wheels Sold By Shelby American / New Repro

Check these out! Hats off to Scott Drake for coming up with a wheel that is modern but looks era correct. The originals were 15x6.6 but these are 15x7". My local tire shop said they were the most true wheel I have ever brought to him and he has had his hands on every wheel we have ever sold. These were offered as an over the counter upgrade for your Cougar starting in 1967 and we even have a few NOS decals for the center caps.


Not my cup of tea !

not a fan… maybe because there is no offset lip on the rims.

I can’t decide if I like them or not, but bravo for offering more choices for our Cougars.

Here is the photo of the original wheel from the How To Sharpen A Cougar’s Claws for comparison.

I think the raised white letter tires make them look too busy. With black walls or red walls they could be cool.

Redlines would be the best!

I am anxious to get the new Magstars on a car, I like them even better!


NOW YOU’RE TALKING DON! The magstars look great! All aluminum, intersting!
How would these wheels, being a one piece as well, not be as true as the others?

There’s a recent thread about rare and undesirable somewhere…the black wheels fit that definition, imo.

5 spoke designs are the way to go, imo.

Nice…and since the car is dark green, you’ve thoughtfully provided a preview of what they would look like on my car, Don. Thank you!

And of course there is a Magstar/Cougar connection.

Some fancier pics:

That Magstar is super-neat and a nice change from the Magnum 500 replicas that seem to be everywhere.

Nice pix as always, Andrew!
As much as I love the Bud Moore cars with their full racing graphics, the car looks so cool freshly minted and clean.
Dang, Cougars are neat cars!!! :sunglasses:

I like them. Just not enough to replace the Torque Thrust IIs that are on mine. They do look good. Even better with black walls or redlines. I also like the magstars, but again not enough to replace what I have on mine.

I think you guys have a point about the white letters being a little busy on these wheels. Photoshopped them out on this pic (and got rid of the tree while I was at it:

And here is a dramatic closeup, with and without the white letters:

As a teenager in the '70s, I used to love raised white letters on tires but now as a “mature” (ahem) adult I’ve grown to prefer black sidewalls.

Unfortunately it seems the variety of performance tires to choose from for 14" rims is getting more limited every year.

  • Phillip

OK, w/o the white letters I kind of like them…they’re growing on me. With–ugh, they look too “modern” (lol).

I kinda liked the tree. :wink:

Seriously, what did that tree ever do to you, Andrew??? MURDERER!!!